Terrified...HPV Positive with High Grade (Moderate Dyskaryosis)


Looking for some advice, reassurance or peoples experiences who have been through a similar experience as i am going out of my mind with worry. Im 34 and received my letter back yesterday from my recent scan, it reads that i am HPV Positive and have High Grade (Moderate) Dyskaryosis. They have refered me to the hospital for a Colposcopy. I received the letter from the hospital today and my appointment is on Tuesday 3rd. The fact its been rushed through very quick has sent even more panic running through me. I dont know what to think my head is all over the place and im convinced i have cancer. For a few years i have been suffering with pelvic pains and discomfort, been so tired all the time, nausea, as well as some other symptoms. Have been doctors several times who first said i needed Vitamin D then had a scan and said it was kidney stones which i knew i had anyway. In the last few years i have had 7 baby loses, two being ectopic, on my last ectopic a year ago they done my scan and originally thought baby was in my cervix as they noticed a mass, a further scan showed baby in my fallopian tube but i was never told what it was on my cervix. Of course now that has sent alarm bells ringing that its cancer.
So sorry for the long post, i am just at a loss and im so frightened, i have an amazing 12 year old son and i am so scared.

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I dont know how i can reassure you but sending a wee message of support, im also going out of my mind with anxiety as i have the same cell changes and high hpv. I have an appointment for LLETZ treat but its not till January. Im scared how things might change in that waiting time. Sending positive vibes and a hug to you xxx


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for your kindess. Sorry have only just seen this…have been searching through lots of forums on different sites trying to find some reasurrance that it will be okay :woman_facepalming:t2: Sorry to hear you are going through the same thing…it is so worrying isnt it, the waiting is awful, feels like ive put my life on hold. Have you already had your Colposcopy? That may be reasuring in a way that they are happy to leave you for a while before treatment perhaps. From my smear i received my hospital letter the next day and appointment was under a week which made me panic even more at the speed. I have it tomorrow morning, i havent slept, eating, cant function properly this week, i dont know how im going to get through tomorrow just fearing the worst giving ive had syptoms and something was found on my cervix during a scan they thought was my ectopic baby. Sorry for the panic overload message :sleepy:

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The good thing is you will get treatment there and then xxx i had my colposcopy in Aug and 2 biopsies cane back with CN2 high risk hpv, the waiting is killing me as its all because of covid. So i have to wait till January…best of luck tomorrow im sure thry will get to the bottom of it and you will get the treatment you need. Message me if you feel like a chat x

Hey @Hayley2011 I didn’t want to read your post and run. Firstly I’m so very sorry to hear of all your pregnancy losses. It sounds like you’ve had a huge amount of upheaval to deal with in the last few years, and that’s going to take a toll on you physically so try not to assume worst case scenario for every symptom as tough as that is.

Try to take some reassurance from the fact that smear tests will have caught whatever’s going on early. It’s normal to be brought into colposcopy fairly quickly too. I had a smear in Jan of this year and had already had LLETZ by early April.
Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, let us know how you get on if that helps. They will probably just have a look at your cervix with some dye and a camera, and maybe do a quick biopsy.