Terrified First smear "Borderline cells hpv+

Hello ladies, finding myself here is awful. I'm so scared frightened and no one to talk to... I had my first smear end of January two weeks later my results came in as Borderlime changes and hpv+ ive been on microgynon 30 for many years and since receiving these results ive googled what I can do to make this better and help my body ive started eating healthy and drinking green tea... I've had other symptoms which are concerning me and do u reckon I could have cancer and they have missed something in my smear teSt? I've had a very wired tingling pins and needles in my left leg last week or so And some discomfort at times my lower and upper back hurts and I have watery discharge often but it's a creamy Colour. I am convinced my left leg looks swollen but when I measure it is only very slightly bigger... I went to a&e as I thought u may have a blood clot! They took bloods and urine sample and my go assured me its was all ok no uti nothing! Let me tell u abit about my last period after my smear a week later  I came on 4 days early to taking my last pill it started off with brown discharge then developed into a full blown heavy period of bright red for 7 days which is longer and unusual for me.. Since then I had a few days of brown discharge now that's clear white which I described previously my back hurts my leg feels strange im exhausted worried and don't know what to do I have my colspocope on the 2nd March and I'm convinced I have cancer and they have missed something! I'm so upset in a nanny it s affecting my work and life in general I feel completely unwell very anxious and alone please help me with advice of what u think all this may mean it would mean so so much my bf just brushed it off with you will be fine I feel a little unsupported and worried about why my leg and back hurt thanis in advance Carly xxx

I've also stopped my pill since I had the results and wired period as I thought it may help so I'm no linger on comtaception last two weeks 

Hello sweetheart,

Well to be perfectly honest with you even though I haven't got a clue what your symptoms might be, they really and truly don't sound like cervical cancer to me. If they have managed to pick up borderline changes on your smear then they are unlikely to have missed a great lump of cancer I would think. So please try not to worry yourself too much and hang on for your colposcopy appointment on 2nd March when everything should become a lot clearer.

Be lucky


Morning Tivolli thanks so much for your reply! I'm really not sure what my symptoms are to do with ive googled and could be symtoms of anxiety I do suffer a little with this around my Health and they have come on since I got my results however I do debate whether I'm slowly going mad! But could be a possibility. I'm in pain in my left side today which is new... I'm hoping its stress and tense where I'm worried I hope! Just wanted to ask whether u could help me with the understanding of borderline changes? My friend had same truly but didn't need a follow up she just went back to normal smears where as I've got forwarded on for he colcoacope could this be due to the hpv being positive? what do borderline changes mean are they bad? Also does a smear affect your period to come early and be heavier than usual as this happened a week after my smear test?? im so sorry I'm provs being really silly and people have got a lot more to worry about im just so scared and dpnt know what to do thanks so much for replying xx

Hello again Carly :-)

It does rather sound as though you might be getting yourself all worked up and that is making the symptoms worse. Certainly that is not a rare thing to happen round here ;-) And no, it does not mean that you are going mad, slowly or otherwise :-)

Borderline changes mean that there is hardly any change at all, not some great big scary thing going on, and the sort of thing that usually clears up all by itself given the chance. I suggest you go and see a movie with a friend to take your mind off it between now and 2nd March.

And yes, we are all different but I do think that having somebody poke around with your cervix could indeed affect your period. And yes also to you being called back for colposcopy because of HPV being present but your friend with borderline changes but no HPV being sent away for normal smears.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Tivolli thanks again for your reply it's been very helpful and reassured me I am trying to put it all to the back of my mind and stay positive just proving hard... I'll definitely arrange a film with a friend and try to not over think things. Thanks for support and hopefully 2nd March comes round quick So I can hopefully move on from all of this. Take care xx