Terrified! "Border line with evidence of HPV"


I am so glad I have found this site. Always had clear smears, Im 33. Got letter border line and evidence HPV and got coloposcopy in 3 weeks time. I am soooo in a state about this. I have had no bleeding or anything like that. I read that some people with border line smears just have another one in 6 months so why am I going to the hospital for this procedure in a few weeks?? I am so scared - can someone explain this a bit to me as I am googleing a lot and cant seem to digest anything and it all sounds so complicated. Basically do I have cancer? could I have this test and them tell me I have Cancer - do you think they wrote "border line" changes just not to scare me? for example has anyone ever received a letter saying anything other then borderline?

I would be so grateful, I cant eat or sleep and have weeks to wait until this Coloposcopy. 


Thank you xxxx

hey, welcome!

firstly, easier said than done but try not to work your self up. GOOGLE IS THE ENEMY! you can find all sort of things on there which will make you go crazy. Borderlind changes do not mean you have cancer! they are sending you for a colposcopy so they can get a better answer so you can be treated if need be. i have my colposcopy and biopsy on wednesday. i hvae just turned 25 so having my first ever smear come back as severly abnormal (cin3) was terrifying. but im glad im getting an answer to my problems. enough about me.... please try not to work your self up. borderline line simply means you may only have very minimal abnormal cells (PRE canerous) and all they are doing is further investigations.

hope this helps and keep us updated :)


Thank you so much for replying to me. I am very touched. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Please let me know how you get on on Wednesday. I agree, googleis the enemy!! it all seems so complicated to me!!! but thank you - so much x

You're very welcome :) you are more than welccome to private message me any time. seems we are in pretty much the same boat. 

Hope all goes well and i will keep you updated :) xxxxx

Hi and welcome,


First, try to keep your mind busy and do not stress too much. Borderline changes are the mildest, so this is the best you could get ;) I only have my experience, like you I freaked out! I got my first borderline result 2 years ago, but they did not check for HPV yet by then in the area I live, so I had to wait 6 months for another smear (NHS is introducing HPV test with the smears in some areas of England and it will take 2 years to have it in the whole England). Summing up... I got 1 smear with borderline, 1 normal and 2 more with borderline (all the smears taken every 6 months). The result from your smear helps to determine what is the next step. In our cases:

Borderline without HPV test -- repeat smear in 6 months. If you get 2 borderline consecutive, you'll be invited for colposcopy. If you get normal, you will have to repeat the smear in 6 months to check that everything is ok (smears are not 100% reliable).


Borderline with HPV test -- if HPV is positive, you will be invited for colposcopy. If negative, I think you're back to 1 or 3 years smears routine (not sure about this one).

I went for colposcopy last April after 3 borderline out of 4 and they found no changes, just evidence of HPV (which they say it's normal at my age, I'm 28). They put me back into 3 years smear routine. yayyyyyyyy

Hope this help to put your mind at rest a little bit ;) Just think that you'll find out what is wrong in there and you won't have to live with the "what ifs" for 2 years as I did. Good luck!!!

Mary xxxx

Mary 84: What a great answer!


Very helpful for me.


For the reply to the original poster, I was told that if you are tested for HPV and it's positive- they send you for colposcopy anyway- rather than make you wait for a second smear 6mths later.

Not for any sinister reason, other than the HPV has been detected and there is a minor percentage this can cause cancer. Apparently 80% ish Cervical Cancers are caused by HPV but only a SMALL percentage of those diagnosed with HPV go on to develop cancer.


Wow, this is actually helping to calm me down as I wait for my colposcopy Smile


Mild + HPV - waiting for colposcopy.

Hope all goes well for you!


Hi I have has the same letter as you did- borderline change and evidence of hpv. Does that mean they have found high risk hpv? Reason I ask is becausBecause my partner has hpv- prone to warts ect and I think he's passed it onto me as I have wart on my face and also had large number of verrucas on my foot which have now gone! I'm guessing I have the same as him and nothing to worry about? Even tho I'm going out of my mind with worry I am just looking for some answers as my colposcopy isn't for 3 weeks! Thank you Laura xx