Terrified and looking for reassurance

I’m new to the website, but have been told it’s a great place to talk to other women in my situation, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’m 25 years old. I had my first cervical screening in February and my results came back low grade abnormalities.
I had a colposcopy and the results came back grade 2, and by the time I had lletz treatment 2 weeks later, it was diagnosed as grade 3. I was told the cells where nor cancerous. Phew!
I was told by both my nurse and my gynaecologist that the chance software it reoccurring were incredibly small. I went through weeks of incredibly suffocating depression but felt a huge wait was lifted when the results came back as not cancer.

Skip to 4 weeks ago. I had my 6 month check up smear. Less than a week later, results came back as low grade again, this time with added HPV. I’m due my colposcopy again tomorrow but I’ve had some symptoms this time that I didn’t have before. Unexplained bleeding (nothing to do with periods as I haven’t had one in 4 years due to depo injection), constant lower back ache and deep low belly ache and sharp pains.
I’m freaking out big time. I need some reassurance that others have and this and it been OK.
With my first smear, within the space of 6 weeks my results went from ‘low grade’ to ‘grade 3’. And now six months later, I’m facing this all over again. I don’t understand the HPV side of it, as I was vaccinated against it when I was a teenager.

Any advice, words of wisdom or reassurance would be gratefully received. No females I know have ever dealt with this!

Thank you



I'm so sorry you are going through this and at only 25 I can't imagine how you feel. I had low grade abnormalities a few years back and had the wait and see approach, smear this year showed mild abnormalities and 3 weeks ago I had the lletz as I had cin3 from biopsies taken.

I have done a fair amount of research on cervical dysplasia and there is evidence from studies showing lack of certain vitamins - folate and b12 can cause abnormalities down there. I think it could also be hormonal issues - theres a substance called DIM that comes from green leafy vegetables, you can take it as a supplement also and it has shown very good results for cin1 and 2 and in some cases cin3. AHCC a compound from shiitake mushrooms also has shown to put hpv dormant. I am not taking folic acid and b12 and I had noticed in past when taking b12 I didn't have painful periods that would sometimes make me physically sick.

Although I had the lletz - as I felt I didn't really have a choice, I am also seeing a homeopath who seems very confident at mild abnormalities being helped this way. I am going to continue to see her as I want to do all I can. In the US they have lots of alternative treatment for cervical dysplasia that I wish was available over here.

There has to be something a little out with regards to your immune system, i.e. your body doesn't have all it needs to fight this thing. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong but I think addressing lifestyle and dietary factors should be investigated with these CIN more. Simply saying the only risk factors are smoking and having another health issue, I believe simply are not true, I highly doubt everyone who has these issues smokes, I don't myself and am viewed as a 'healthy' illness free person as I believe are many of us here.

Do some research online other than cancer research nhs etc, and see if anything strikes a chord.

With regards to the results going from mild to cin3, the smear doesn't always pick up on abnormalities, I too went from mild to cin3 after they did the biopsies as they test a bigger bit of tissue so I doubt very much that it has developed from cin1 to cin3 that quickly, it's just they were able to get a better sample.

I hope you get the support and information you need, if it is cin1 you can decide whether you want another treatment at the hospital, they are starting to do something called 'conservative management' as some cin does clear up on it's own, my lletz letter even said that even though the nurses and doctors at the hospital said it couldn't. They are starting to wonder if they are overtreating women with abnormalities: https://www.bsccp.org.uk/colposcopy-resources/conservative-management-of-high-grade-cin/

Laura X

I agree that staying healthy is always positive, but 80% population has hpv and only a small percentage of women develop abnormalities, so I guess that some of the women with hpv that do not develop abnormalities are smokers or drink wine or beer even daily, and maybe a healthy woman goes on to develop abnormalities. I changed my diet and reduced my alcohol intake, but when I think about all the people that have hpv but never develop abnormalities... well... are they all super healthy?


Not sure if that was a question for me or a general thought as it seems as though you are half agreeing with what i've put?

I don't think anyone is in the position of CIN or worse because they are necessarily unhealthy so I am sorry if it sounded that way. What I am pointing out is that something is going on to enable the abnormalities to take place and the immune system isn't functioning well enough in that particular area. Some of us will be susceptible to these issues others different abnormalities/diseases. I don't smoke, don't drink and since January have been a vegan but none of that means I may not be deficient in certain vitamins or have hormonal issues which I think is what has possibly led to my abnormalities.

I just wanted to share what I have been learning as I think it's important to stay informed and it's empowering to have some control in this otherwise seemingly out-of-control situation. I know the doctors do all they can but I don't think they have the resources to always do and tell us about everything.

Much love to all X

Hi lauralaura,

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or anything. English is not my mother tongue so maybe I sound unpolite, but it's never my intention :)

It was just a general thought. I agree with you, as I made healthy changes in my lifestyle too. I just wanted to express my frustration, I guess, because even with these changes I went from CIN 1 to CIN 2. I'm getting a second opinion because I know that diagnosis can be different from one pathologist to another. So now I'm feeling healthy and I like that but on the other hand I feel like I'm doing something wrong, and I just don't like the idea of feeling guilty about this :(

Oooh no problem at all :-)


Bless you thats horrible you feel like you are to blame and i completely understand your frustration! I was cin1 and just left to it, i figured it'd just go away but it didn't and got worse. So i understand that feeling really.

I hope you get some good news soon xxxx 

I have also been tested positive for hpv and have low grade dyskaryosis. I am unsure what will happen at my colospcopy but its nxt friday so not long to wait.i am 29 and this was found from my first smear so i could of had it a while. I am trying for a child but have been having no luck..i wonderd if this was something to do with my abnormal smear.