Terrified and confused

Firstly- I have to offer my absolute thanks to those who run and contribute to these forums as they are proving a literal lifeline at a time when I’m facing one of my toughest challenges yet.

I never went for my smear when I was 25, and am 27 now. Whilst I was away travelling I started getting bleeding and stomach cramps (it felt like a light, irregular period) that went on and off for around a month. When I returned to the uk, I slept with my new boyfriend and bled. Long story cut short, after being turned away from a GP walk in centre as I’ve moved away from my old GP, I paid for a private smear and the result came back on Friday as high risk HPV and mild dyskaryosis.

I have then had to register with a GP, who have told me to call at 8 on Monday for an appointment to get a referral as private doctor says I need colposcopy.

I’m really scared. I know the result says mild, but should I be worried about my symptoms- E.g is it definitely not cancer because of this result? How long am I likely to have to wait for the referral? Particularly worried as I missed my first smear. Any thoughts much appreciated.

I know it's easier said then done but try not to worry yourself too much. from all the reading I've done over the past few months cervical cancer is one that takes a long time to develop.

i was diagnosed with cin3, which was severe. Reading the word severe frightened the living daylights out of me! From receiving my letter I was referred within a week to go to ththe hospital for a colposcopy. Which is the same as a smear but they use a camera to look at the cervix more closely. My friend also had an abnormal smear at exactly the same time and she had to wait at least a month for her colposcopy! I think from the smear results they can tell whether you need to be seen urgently or not. 

There will be a lot of waiting around now, so you just need to try and be patient xx