Terrified about my smear in two days !

Hi everyone, I will try to keep my post brief but please bare with me.
In March of 2019 I had my first ever smear test done. This was an extremely uncomfortable and painful procedure for me but nevertheless I bit my lip and had it done. A couple of weeks later I received a letter from the doctors explaining that I had tested positive for HPV and had abnormal cells on my cervix (honestly cannot remember for the life of me if they stated low grade or high grade on the letter)
I was invited in for a colposcopy to further investigate, but before having this done was taken into a room where a nurse explained to me that I was at stage 3 and they needed to do a biopsy to check if the cells I had would develop into cervical cancer. She told me there and then that chances were, it would probably disappear on it’s own as I sat there crying and worried about what would become of my then 7 year old son.
I was taken into the treatment room, and upon inserting the speculum and camera I could see the cells on my cervix. The lady who was very pleasant, calmed and reassured me as she took a biopsy of the cells (I think this was LLETZ but not 100% sure) I was too distraught at the time to even understand what everyone was saying to me.
A couple of weeks later I received a letter basically saying they were not concerned and to have another smear in 6 months time. I went back for this and my results were apparently clear.

Anyway skip forward to now. I had another baby in March this year (awful pregnancy and birth but won’t go into that) and was told I’m due another smear so I’m going in this Thursday.
I’ve had normal periods since birth I guess and no bleeding in between, but I have been suffering from awful shooting pains which I know are coming from my cervix. I also find being intimate quite painful and sometimes it will reduce me to tears. I’ve felt embarrassed when explaining this to my partner. I have also been peeing a lot more often recently which I found odd but I’m also currently in the process of being diagnosed with a possible autoimmune disease. I’m due back at the doctors next week to discuss recent blood results that they couldn’t give me over the phone but I’m suspecting that I’m anaemic.
I am just wondering what the chances are of the abnormal cells I had previously, returning over the past 3 years or so and if I should be worried?
I’ve got other symptoms but I know that these can also be linked to something else.
I rarely go to the doctors and hate thinking the worst but I’m really anxious about my smear as I was pretty clueless last time.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My mind is running away here. X