Terrible pain and bloating 3 year post op

Hello Lovely Ladies

Its been a while since I posted on here but am in a pickle...


I have been suffering with intermittent pain that my consultant has put down to adhesions, and every now and again I suffer with terrible bladde pain and it is a struggle to go for a wee. This has been put down to the bladder and bowel not being in the corect place due to the RH and irritants affecting it ie coffee, alcohol.


all of this is usually only in short bursts and usually only lasts a day at the most


However the past few days I have horrendous pain and bloating that is not showing any signs of letting up, I have had no alcohol etc or anything else that cause it to flare up or why it is particlularly bad this time.


I wondered if anyone experiences this at all? Because as we all know we worry about things we do not know the cause of


Thank-you in advance


Laura xxxx  

Hi Laura Jayne,

I am almost 3 years since treatment and suffer mailny with my bowels rather than bladder but I do relate to the pain and the bloating which comes and goes.  I have just been referred to a gastroenterologist so you may need to go down a similar route with gastro, urologist or perhaps both. However I would advise you to get this checked out if this has persisted for 3 days with no relief.  Can you control the pain at all?  Is it in your tummy or down below.  Poor you, I fo sympathise.  Let me know how you get on xxx

Hi Andrea 

Thank you for replying. Im sorry to hear you're going through it too, it's miserable. I too suffer with bowels am currently trying to go gluten free. 

the pain is below my tummy around my pelvic area and bladder, i also get a sharp stabing pain. 

I saw sense and went to see my gp today and hes referred me for a CT scan :(

so more waiting. I'll let you know how I get on 



Hi LauraJane,

Since my RH over 2 years ago I've had lots of 'tummy' issues. I just presumed it was because of the operation. I saw a physio for another matter but he kept asking if I have IBS or food intollerances which prompted me to do an elimination diet. Since starting it most of my pains and tummy issues have gone, then I tried to reintroduce dairy and it all came back.

I always put my pain and bloating etc down to the operation but was really suprised to feel fine after a week of elimination.

Obviously your issues might be something else but it's worth considering xx

Hi all

I'm  2 years post surgery and i too was having intermittent pains and so they sent me for a CT scan last year - nothing. My consultant said that a lot has gone on down there and it had been put down to adhesios. I still get twinges but i have noticed that i is worse if i indulge in any of the things you have mentioned above. Alcohol or coffee will give me bladder pain.

if i keep, wheat & dairy out of my diet i'm in a good way but I LIKE wheat and dairy lol

Travelled with work last week has left me struggling so back to elimating this week.  #veganrulz