terrible lletz experience

 I had my lletz on Thursday after the colposcopy came back with CIN2. Even with the local anaesthetic I found it painful and as the nurse was pulling the lletz instrument out I flinched with pain and she ended up catching the inside of the vagina. I ended up loosing a fair bit of blood and it wouldnt stop bleeding so they had to put in a pack aand admit me overnight in the hope that this would stop the bleeding. It did and I was discharded the following day. I was told I could go back to work the following day but my job involves long hours and lots of walking (I am a health care assistant) and I am still in pain from the nick to my vagina. I was given paracetamol and strong condeine but it doesn't do much and the codeine makes me sleepy and sick. I also seem to have less feeling in my bladder. Not incontinenet but cannot feel when I need to wee! Should I go back to my GP? Also the whole experience left me traumatised, I am terrified that I will have to go through it again, I can't even think about it all without crying. I couldn't go through it awake again, that's for sure!

Sorry to hear you had a bad time :( I would

go to ur docs and maybe get some ani biotics to be on the safe

side Hun x

Aw that sounds horrible :-(

I had the not being able to feel when i needed a wee thing, but only for a day or so. I had the same feeling after i gave birth too, i think it must be normal for some people after the cervix has had something happen to it. I think you should try and rest up, maybe go to the GP and get signed off work if you can't have time off xx


Thanks for the replies, I have made an appointment at my GPs for Friday but will phone first thing to see if I can get anything sooner. Deffo think I need better painkillers and to be signed off from work until I am better healed and in less pain.