TERRFIED! :( :( :(

Hi Everyone,

Browsed the internet for hours hoping that someone will have a similar experience to mine.

I have had bleeding after sex for the past 3 years (since I was 22). I have chased doctors & been to colposcopy where I was told I had a small erosion, that would clear up on its own. 

I was quite satisfied with this answer, but unfortunately the bleeding has got a lot heavier these past few months. I had an ultrasound & colposcopy again. Colposcopy showed erosion had gone away, but multiple biopsies showed CIN 3. 

A week later, the doctor rang to say that my ultrasound showed a pool of blood at the bottom of my uterus, that wasn't emptying.

My doctor has reassured me until she is blue in the face that THIS IS NOT CANCER, but I can't seem to find anyone with heavy PCB & a blocked up cervix because of CIN 3. 

Scheduled in for Lletz in the next few days, completely terrified about what it will find. Or what it won't find, and this terrifying bleeding will continue.

Sorry for all of the info.

Sophie xoxoxox


I had post coital bleeding. Also abnormal discharge for nearly a year. I had LOTS of tests... Turned out it was being caused by CIN 3... I had lletz in Nov '16 and had my test for cure smear today. So to reassure you that I had symptoms with cin 3. I was as scared as you as everthing I read CIN doesn't cause symptoms. X