Tender and bloated tummy 2 weeks later

Hi again - I originally posted on 7/8/16 after experiencing bleeding after loop diathermy treatment on 29/7/16- you can read my original post below.

Update - the bleeding stopped completely 2 days after my visit to A & E and having the chemical cauterisation. I had an internal ultrasound scan to check on the ovarian cyst (discovered during a pelvic examination in A & E on 6/8/16) - was told that everything is normal and the cyst is fluid filled and quite small - no further treatment or followup required. Immediately after the scan I started to bleed again - was told that this should die down and I shouldn’t be concerned about it - it did stop by the next day.

The problem is that I am suffering with a tender and bloated tummy together with slight sharp shooting pains every so often low down in the pelvic region- very uncomfortable - and also lots of quite smelly wind! Am still on course of antibiotics they gave me for the original infection after the loop treatment - Cefradine and Metronidazole - could they be the cause of the bloating and wind?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Original Post:
Hi everyone - new here! I’m 53, in menopause and I had my LLETZ done 9 days ago. Had some discharge up until yesterday when I started bleeding. Phoned the hospital and was advised to go to A & E to be checked over. Spent all afternoon there yesterday. Saw gynae and they performed a chemical burn on the site of the wound as a precautionary measure. Blood tests came back clear, but they still prescribed antibiotics as a precautionary measure. However, I’m still bleeding. I am in menopause (I haven’t had a period for 3 years), but this bleed is like a period. Woke up this morning feeling quite tender in my lower tummy too. They also performed a pelvic examination yesterday and found a cyst on my right ovary, and have made me an appointment for an ultrasound scan for next Weds.

My original smear test came back with CIN1, low grade dyk. The LLETZ was performed not because of biospy results, but because they were unable to access my cervix due to being menopausal - I had been for a first colposcopy 8 weeks ago and was given Vagifem pessaries to try to open up the cervix, but it didn’t work, so they decided to do the LLETZ. Is it possible that the Vagifem hormones have upset my own hormones and am having a bleed like a period? Has anyone else experience this?