Tandem Skydive for Jo's

Just thought I’d let you all know I am doing a Tandem Skydive on 2nd November, ( I must be mad!!!) all money raised will go straight to Jo’s to show my appreciation over the last 18 months!

Check out my page at: - http://www.justgiving.com/scaryskydive

Amy xxx

Enjoy every minute girl…we’re definitely starting a trend of nutty Jo’s Girls to go hurling themselves out of a plane!!!

As my friend said to me at the time…“Only you Snowy, would choose to get over a life threatening illness by chucking urself out of a plane at 14,000 feet!!!”

Well i can now tell him that ‘No, I’m not the only one!!’

Best of luck honey!!!


just wondering how the sky dive went? I’ve just sent off for an ifo pack to do the same thing. How scary was it?


Hi Jenny…
Any had to postpone her skydive because of the weather…but she’s re-booked it agin for April…so fingers cossed it goes ahead this time…
I did one a year ago…I’m terrified of heights and I still managed it…It probably helped that my eyes were shut for most of it but hey…Its something else to cross off my list…x Just ask f you want to know anything about it x x

cool, thanks. i’ve sent off for all the info so just need to decide when to do it!! xxx

Hi…if I were you I wouldnt think too much about it…lol…you might change ur mind!!
Try and book as soon as possible…it gets very busy over the summer…so the sooner u ring and see what theyve got available the more likely u are to get a date that suits…and also if you book sooner rather than later, you will prob still have time to rebook if it gets postponed rather than having to wait for months and months like Amy!
Good luck with it all x x

ok great, will get on to them and get booked asap. thanks xxx