Tandem Skydive for Jo's 8th/15th August 2009

Hi Girls :slight_smile:

Well I have done it…booked my skydive for Jo’s for either 8th or 15th August…awaiting confirmation of the date!!! Scary!!!

Anyway now I have decided to take the leap 10,000 feet out of a plane, to landing in 4 minutes flat was wondering if any of you lovely ladies will support me with some sponsorship???

This is possibly gonna be pretty scary but not half as bad as the last three months for me!!! Should be a doddle … :lol:

So I know times is hard but any donation gratefully received, don’t forget gift aid, have set up an online sponsorship so just follow the link below and we can all give something back to Jo’s :slight_smile:

And if anyone wants to come and watch will be jumping in Oxford!!! :)x


Thanks in advance girls and guys

Emma x x x

Ooh I did my jump there too…Is it at Hinton Centre??
If so the lads there are brilliant…willkeep you very relaxed during the wait…through lots of laughs…
Good luck honey…I’m terrified of heights and still managed to do it!!!
Keep us posted on how it goes x x

Hi Snowy :slight_smile:

Its at Oxford Airfield…not sure what the centre is called!!!

I am terrified of heights too, just the thought of it is sending shudders but its for a fab cause and know I will love it!!!

You raised loads…how did you manage it except for bugging your friends?? Any ideas greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Emma x x x

Bump :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay I always forget to look on this section…
Erm…I was genuinely in awe of how much I raised to be honest…
I know it sounds wierd but it was very soon after I’d been told I was in remission…so I’m sure some of it was down to it being very fresh in people’s minds…

I emailed everyone I know…and some of them then passed my email onto other people…
My mum did her part by collecting sponsors in my home village where she still lives and I did as a child…and then of course i put a sponsor form in the staff room at work…and as I teach, some of the kids wanted to sponsor me too…

I know other people who have had coffee mornings etc too alongside the jump…

But in honesty I dont think it matters how much you raise honey…every penny goes towards one more person being able to make one more posting on here…and we all know that you can’t put a price on that eh??

Best of luck with it all…If it is Hinton that you’re jumping from then ‘Brian and the boys’ are great…with evil senses of humour…hee hee…x x

Hi Snowy :slight_smile:

Yes it is Hinton I am doin it, not long to go now and need to pull my finger out with sponsorship :slight_smile: Have about £500 so far…need to update my justgiving!!

Emma x x x

£500 thats fabulous…!!!
You go girl…its amazing how generous people can be eh??
As i said…the guys at Hinton are great…give us a shout if you want to know anything…
Best of luck x
Keep us posted honey x x x