Hi ladies 

Bit of a random question but I'm due to go on holiday next week, I have been having excessive discharge and spells of heavy bleeds, at home it's not an issue as I can wear my pads but on holiday I was hoping it would be ok to use tampons but I don't know if I can or should!?! I can't contact my consultant as she's on leave for two weeks and my mcmillan nurse is off till the day I fly.  Can anyone help? 

Many thanks xx

I think you should be speaking to someone aboutique your heavy bleeds before you even consider flying hon x 

I don't know what stage you are at in your journey but there must be someone at the hospital who can see you or even your GP


I'm pretty sure that they would advise against tampon use but I agree with Philleepa get checked out by someone before you go. Have a great vacation !!!