Taking the pill & cervical cancer

I was on the pill for 18 years and only recently I have had an inadequate smear test and the mention of a cervical ectropian for the first time so now im worried. When the nurse tried to do my smear she couldn't find my cervix at first, then she did and said that I was bleeding and mentioned an ectropian. I have got to go back for another smear in July but now im getting worried. Has anyone else had this too? 


From what I understand cervical ectropian or 'erosion' is very common, and usually doesn't need treatment. I think if you wanted to treat it they would cauterize to minimize the bleeding. The pill is linked to having erosion, I know that this was one of the effects in the leaflet that comes with the pack of pills I take. The information about the pill being linked to cervical cancer is still kind of foggy, though I do believe some studies have been done. Keep in mind though that ectropian isn't cancer, nor is it a cancer pre-cursor. If you're concerned I'd say to maybe call up your doctor or nurse and have a convo about it, that should help to ease your mind.


Thank you for your reply. It does make you wonder if there is some kind of link though doesn't it? I have heard stories about people having an ectropian and then go on to get cervical cancer, it could be just pure bad luck or maybe there is some truth in it. I think I will go and have a word with my GP about it

There is a link between the pill and cervical cancer. It's been researched and proven. The good news is if you stop taking it you can reduce your risk quickly. http://www.webmd.com/sex/birth-control/news/20071108/pill-raises-cervical-cancer-risk

I took the pill for 18 years and I stopped taking it 2 years ago. I recently went for my smear and it was inadequate and I was told I have an ectropian. I have got to go back for another smear in July and I just hope that this time it doesn't come back as inadequate cos that will really stress me out!