Symptons 2 months after lletz



I'm really sorry if this is not the right place to post this but I wasn't sure what else to do it and couldn't find any answers to my question.

I have a lletz procedure back in October. Had an infection when healing, took my antibiotics and wait 4-5 weeks to go back to my normal life. 


I'm in a relationship and taking the pill (Cerazzette). Recently I've started to feel some changes on my body: pain, a bit of brown spotting... I'm confused and not sure if this is normal or not... Sometiems I think they are pregnancy symptoms but I did a test, it was negative and with the pill and everything it seems weird... Now I'm starting to worry there is something wrong with me! :(


Has anyone else experienced something similar? I have a docs appointment in a couple of days but mentally this is being too much


Thanks beforehand 

HI Ale, I had spotting for a year after LLETZ. It seemed to become worse when I did anything that jolted my body a bit, like travel, or staying up late. What I found was that my body took a lot longer to heal than the 4 weeks my doctor said it would. It was very worrying, since beforehand having a healthy cervix apart from a few abnormal cells to then start experiencing pain and bleeding from what I was told was a minor procedure was very scary. 

There are lots of women having all kinds of long-term abnormal symptoms after LLETZ that doctors don't mention (or often even deny are related to the LLETZ) So I started a group on facebook called Healing From LLETZ and you are welcome to join and ask your question there . 

I heard that actually it takes our bodies 3 months to even recover totally from a smear test, so the idea that LLETZ is a minor procedure that we quickly heal from is so misleading for many of us. 

Hope the doctor can shed some light on what's going on!