Hello, I have had several borderline smears over the last few years and I am HPV+. I had a colposcopy done two years ago which detected a very small amount of abnormal cells. I did not have to have any treatment for this and was just sent away and told to have my next smear in three years time.
For the past three days I have been having brown discharge, which is now increasing to the point I am now wearing a pad as it is becoming like a light period. I finished my actual period 10 days ago. I am not on birth control and it is not possible that I am pregnant. I am worried this could be cancer but could it develop in two years when at the colposcopy they felt it wasn’t necessary to treat me or repeat the smear for three years?
I had a CT scan a couple of months ago for an unrelated issue and that came back normal.

I just had my colposcopy done last week and  although I only have CIN 1 I was told I should do another pap in a year to monitor progression...This is because I am almost 30 and I was told that for unknown reasons HPV gets harder for women to clear with age. Although I can't really answer your question I do know that some HPV types progress more rapidly than others, and I think it would be a good idea to see your gyne about it.