Hi folks, I'm awaiting an app to go under GA for VAIN3 to be removed. Ever since my biopsy 3.5 weeks ago I've got a stinging pain inside?! Of course my mind is in overdrive ... What would symptoms be if it was cancer and it had spread to your bladder or bowel? Has anyone experienced this?

Hi Nemo,

I had a biopsy (confirmed CIN2) on 29th April and I definitely have had some problems since. Consultant said there would be a touch of spotting/discharge for a week. Had a little but my period coincided. Also had sex about a week after - they say wait 5 days after biopsy - and definitely felt a sharp pain and then had a bit of I think it was disturbing a scab: sorry for TMI! Since then I've had a bit of spotting at ovulation - normal for me - but some spotting this week (due on Sunday +/- a couple of days), so I'm trying to be level and attribute this to a) stress, b) known abnormality, c) a few chunks of flesh were nipped out and d) we all heal differently!

Anyway, my point really is that you've had some tissue removed in an area of abnormality and perhaps just take a bit longer to heal than the suggested norm? Not sure about you but my lettz surgery is in 2 weeks so I'm going to grin and bear it til then and pick the consultant's brains at the appointment x