ive just got back from nurse for swabs as I've been bleeding mid cycle.

i had my 2nd baby in Nov and had smear in Jan. came back borderline so had colposcopy which showed nothing and was told had smear too soon after baby.

2 years ago I had CIN 2 & 3 and a LLETZ.

I'm incredibly worried with my symptoms - I also get occasional bloating and kidney pain. Mainly when I'm working out.

i also have HPV.

Gp said there's NO way it's CC after a normal smear in Jan but reading some of your brave stories, it seems these things can happen.

very scared now! 

Hiya :-)

I would imagine that if your symptoms appear mainly when you are working out then they are more to do with your work-out than cc.

I would be very surprised if you had a case of cc that was big and bad enough to be affecting your kidneys if you have had a colposcopy in the last few months.

Be lucky :-)


Thank you Tivoli.

Its the bleeding that I'm more concerned about. The nurse could even see it - I now have bleeding and cramping after my swab.


Hi again :-)

To the best of my knowledge there are several relatively innocent causes of bleeding mid-cycle, it might simply be that your body is still getting over pregnancy. Please try not to frighten yourself :-)

Be lucky