Hi, just wondered if anyone has experienced the same as me and what it ended up being, roughly eight months ago I had a period that was really heavy and lasted 5 weeks, since then they have been really irregular, I also bleed after intercourse and find it painful, fast forward to a month the ago, I am in constant pelvic pain with bloating and stringy bloody discharge, finally my doc began taking me seriously and sent me to a gyno, he done a pelvic exam and took a couple of swabs which came back clear, I then asked for a smear as have never had one and my doc refused and told me to go back in four months if the symptoms continued?! Am I being over paranoid or shall I press my doc to do more?! X


There are many things that can cause irregular bleeding/spotting and heavy periods. Since your swabs came back clear, do your best to have a smear done. 

Don't worry what your GP is going to think of you if you keep coming back. It is your health that matters. 

Good luck!