Hi. I am new to this forum and was hoping if someone could put my mind at ease or tell me if i am overreacting.

I was diagnosed with emdemetriosis when i was 15. After the birth of my child , i was fine during my periods as before  i would have very very painful periods where i would always end up in a&e. I am now 35 and few yrs back, i again began getting very painful periods. This time i was told i had fibroids but because they were in a certain part on my ovaries the gyny doc could not remove them. I was told to try out the marina coil because the last resort was a hysterectomy. I had the coil fitted  last Oct. Since then, the pain has eased a lot during my periods but i have been bleeding quite a lot

I would say that i bled at least 20 days out of a month. However, i have now developed another symptoms where sex is very very painful. My tummy hurts after sex and i bleed quite a lot straight after sex. My tummy has very bad cramps too and (sorry for too much info) but  the pain travels along the back passage.


I have been having a strange discharge recently but again, put that down to age.


I had my last smear test in Oct last year and everything came back normal.


Does anyone think this could be warning signs of something serious developing? Has anyone been through something similar?


Thanks for taking the time to read this.  


I would go and have a chat with your GP.Nothing worse

than stressing to make things worse.If he can't give you

any answers ask to be refered to a specialist.Just to be on

the safe side.

Hope everything turns out to be fine.

Becky x

I would go to your gp and discuss your symptoms. I had some pain during sex, discharge, post coital bleeding also and when I look back I also had back pain and would get pelvic pain when sitting on a hard surface for too long. My periods were also longer than they had ever been. All these symtoms can be lots of things though it's just always a good plan to have it checked out as early detection as far as cancer is concerned is very important. I hope going along will bring you peace of mind. Take care Charlene xx

Thank you Becky for that. Yes, I think I will get it checked. I will update you with when I get my results back. 

I hope you are doing well with your health too.

Thank you xxx


Hi Charlene. I have recently been getting pain (again apologies for too much detail) along my back passage. It is strange but everytime i sit down it feels as if i am bruised from around there. I also get pelvic pain.


Your symptoms are very similar to mine so can you let me know what the GP diagnosed you with?


Thank you for your reply