I'm worried about some issues I've been having for a while. Im worried that they are symptoms of cancer and wonder whether I should tell the dr. My periods have changed, they were heavy for a week and in the last year they are getting lighter. Two heavy days, then nothing for two days then brown stuff for 3 days. A few days later I have stringy brown discharge which is worst with a bowel movement (weird), that lasts a week. I am unco during sex and have been for a year or two, I feel sore inside and have shabby pains in certain positions. I have bleed a couple of times. I've had bleeding after exercise and feel cramps whilst exercising some times. I have had lower back pain for 6 months which wraps around to my pelvis and feels like my pelvis is being squashed. 


I had had an abnormal smear, colposcopy and LLETZ at the same time. CGIN found and a repeat LLETZ scheduled for August with a gynecologist. Is there any point telling anyone about all this? Could it even be related? Or am I trying to find cancer symptoms? Ugh...stressing!!


When did you have your LLETZ? From what I've heard from other women the treatment can cause irregular bleeding and changes in periods. I had spotting for a year afterwards, and also issues with pelvic pain/tension. i would also get stuff checked out so you can figure out what you want to do about it as you don't want to ignore symptoms, but it could be healing issues from the LLETZ.