Hi can anyone help and give me more information about what kind of symptoms they had, mine are periods every two weeks for around 4 months now, bleeding after intercourse, and aching around the abdomen, thank you x


I have had bleeding between periods, not every month (more like every 3-4) for about 18 months. I have high grade cells but am still waiting for biopsy results and lletz apointment. My doctor said severely precancerous cells can cause symptoms of cancer without actually being cancer, so i am trying to focus on that while I wait!

Hi, I had "symptoms" but those symptoms could also be related to other things. after my 3rd and last child I was sterilised as I have complicated pregnancies. I then started to have heavy periods, but I put this down to being sterilised. I also suffered pain in lower back and abdomen, again, I put this down to being sterilised and body changes after having 3 c sections. 

I've got early stage an have had no symptoms