Symptoms Worsening

I’m not even sure which category to post this in. I had my first abnormal pap in January after going to the doctor for spotting outside of my period, lower back and deep thigh pain, rectal stabbing pain, weird pink fleshy discharge. I got the pap (abnormal squamous cells of undetermined significance) and HR hpv. Had my colposcopy, she said my cervix looked great but two spots ended up coming back with CIN3, ECC was negative. Had my LEEP (lletz) on May 12th, CIN3 with negative margins. Healed fine, stopped bleeding, no more weird discharge from procedure. My periods have been coming earlier each month, it starts with bad back pain that builds as I spot for three or four days then my period starts and that back pain worsens then eases after a couple of days. My periods are usually about six or seven days long, the spotting happens for two or three days before my actual period starts. Every month the back pain is getting worse, this last period it was unbearable with pain deep in my right groin and thigh and pain shooting down to my feet and I couldn’t bend over and it lasted the longest it has so far, I was almost unable to walk at all, stuck in bed with a heating pad for the days. I went to my OBGYN and she did a pelvic exam and said my cervix looks great it healed right up and looks like nothing ever happened. She prescribed me birth control to somehow help with the pain and really pressured me to take it. I’m nervous to because of the side effects. Five days after my period I had two days of bad pelvic pain and rectal stabbing pain and tissue like discharge. A week after my period I had sex and my husband mentioned afterwards that it looked like there was something on the sheets. We turned on the light and there was blood everywhere, soaked through the sheets to the mattress. I went to the bathroom and there was blood on me but the bleeding had stopped. Today I went to the bathroom to pass stool and I started bleeding again during that. Not just spotting but enough to make the toilet water red and leave a three inch blood spot on my pad. I know this is TMI but I’m getting scared. I called my doctor’s office and spoke to a triage nurse who told me that if it was her she’d just ignore it and that spotting after sex is normal. She said I could come back in but all they’d do is another pelvic exam. I just feel so brushed off.


Sorry you are going through this atm.
Could you go to another doctor or preferably a gynaecologist instead of a GP and nurse?

In my experience it took a long time seeing different doctors and nurses before I went to an actual gynaecologist then Things moved very quickly for me and I was diagnosed with stage 3, she could see the tumour straight away that somehow none of the other doctors could see.
My Pap smear was also low grade when I actually had cancer :neutral_face:
If something doesn’t feel right, you know your own body best so I would keep pushing to find out what’s wrong, it could be nothing and related to your last procedure but if it is something you want to get onto it as early as you can!

All the best!
Amy xx


Sorry for the confusion, the doctor that I called is my gynecologist, she was out of the office so I got stuck talking to the nurse. This is the second gynecologist I have seen, the first one was very unprofessional and new. I just don’t know how to get my gynecologist to take this seriously. Am I just too concerned about this or is this something I should push for? I don’t even know what exactly to push for? An MRI? It’s all very frustrating :frowning:

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Oh sorry! :crazy_face:
I was thinking maybe if you went to another clinic to see another experienced gyno that might take you more seriously? A fresh set of eyes.
Usually they do a biopsy first for cc but there’s obviously something going on regardless of if it is something sinister or not so an MRI would show them exactly what that is.
I know how frustrating it can be, you shouldn’t have to be in pain with no real explanation :roll_eyes:

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You’re fine! :slight_smile: You’re right! I had the CIN 3 removed with a LLETZ but I guess I’m just wondering if there could still be something lurking deeper up in there that could’ve been missed? I guess anything is possible. I haven’t had my follow up pap smear since my lletz so I guess that will give us more info. It’s just hard to wait until November when I’m having cervical cancer symptoms and they’re getting worse!

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What type oc symptons?

The cervical cancer symptoms I’m having are BAD back pain, abdominal pain, deep right thigh pain, and bleeding during sex and bowel movements.