Symptoms, swabs and more...

Hello ladies! I haven't posted here before but needed to just write this down and get some advice. I hope you don't mind - I haven't been diagnosed with anything and feel abit of a fraud here, but hoping to reach put to anyone who is or has been in the same boat.

I have had some strange things happening with my period , mostly noticeable over the past 6 months. I've been bleeding for longer  - usually 2/3 weeks at a time, usually only having a weeks break between periods. I've also bleeding after sex. It is usually there a few hours later or the next morning and ranges from brown or red streaked discharge/spotting to full blown heavy, bright red bleeding which again seems to just go on and on for weeks.

When I finally do have a break, Ive noticed a handful of times that i've had (TMI coming up..) lots of watery discharge - like underwear soaking, and the smell is just...indescribable and incredibly strong. I usually have spotting or light pink blood on the tissue after I use the toilet also.

I have a weird heavy ache on my left side - it has been there every day for around 4 months now, and occassionally gets very sharp and painful.

I went to my doctors (finally) 2 days ago. I have never had a smear, and she didn't do one. She took some swabs instead - what are these for?
She also said i would get a letter for a hospital appointment for a smear and ultrasound - is it normal to be sent to the hospital for a smear? I don't understand why she didn't just do one then and there!? I have been feeling sharp pain from my cervix ever since the appointment also.

Anyway, I am waiting for my appointment and a bit concerned and confused, so hoping one of you lovely ladies can advise me.

She did say my cervix looked 'normal'. If that's the case...why the hospital appointment?

Thankyou for taking the time to read. Sending love to you all x

Hi,I'm relatively new too,but the swabs will be to check for any infection you may have,it's the standard thing to do..and the hospital appointment with be a colposcopy to do your smear....that's normal procedure too...they will do it like a normal smear but they can also use a very thin camera to look at your cervix to see if anything looks a bit suspicious while it's magnified....they might put a vinegar solution on cervix to see how it's uncomfortable like a smear but not painful as such so please don't worry about that.....if some areas look a little bit 'it'd they might take a tiny biopsy(period pain cramps) are normal....but it really is a standard thing to have done when any bleeding is happening that isnt's just looking for cells that might be but dodgy.....if you read up on colposcopy it will explain better than i can.....and also don't freak out reading about cell cin1 2 or possibly 3....our body's can change thing's without us knowing ....your Dr is on the ball and making sure your healthy and taking steps to ensure that you are going to stay that way.....look at the section on here it explains it all and most of all........look after your self and try not to worry.....the Dr doing smear will answer any questions you have so maybe write them down so you don't forget as I'm sure you will be nervous on the day x

Thank you so much for your reply. I felt so confused about what was happening and why. I will read up on what you suggested and definitely will stay off google. I hope you are ok too xxx

I'm in the waiting for results of biopsy's definitely the worst wait lol but yeah read everything you need on here it's fantastic for info x