Symptoms, smear booked, do I need to see doctor too?

I have been having some symptoms which include irregular bleeding, post coital bleeding and some lower back and pelvic pain. My smear is overdue so I booked one for next week. Should I also book appointment with my doctor? Or will they just tell me to book a smear test anyway?? Any helo/advice appreciated. X

Hi if you have booked your smear, presumably this will be with a nurse? They will probably take some swabs to test for infection, which can cause some of the symptoms you have mentioned. If there are any cell changes on your smear they will refer to gynae for colposcopy for more thorough investigations. Is your smear overdue by much? Hope it goes smoothly x

I wouldn't have thought you need to see a doctor, see what they say at your smear appt x

Thanks for replying, yes smear is with practice nurse, I'm overdue by a couple of years, think my last was about 5 years ago. Kept meaning to book it, won't be forgetting again though!!

Had smear done today, the Nurse said she was referring me to a gynecologist anyway because of my symptoms and I should have an appointment within 2 weeks.