Symptoms/Side affects

Hi everyone, I’m new here! Happy to meet you all but wish it was under different circumstances! :white_heart:

I went in on 1/30 for a Pap smear due to some cramping between periods, dull back pain and the most recent was bleeding during intercourse. During the pap, the Dr was very transparent (honestly not in a good way… she basically said that I had very junky cells and it didn’t look good) I honestly felt there thinking the absolute worst!!! The bedside manner was definitely lacking!

Cervical cancer was confirmed the beginning of Feb. I’ve had an MRI, multiple CT’s which showed state II. After my exam with my oncologist she thought it was more stage IB3, and after my PET scan it was confirmed still stage IB3 thank goodness!!

Treatments are set to start 3/11:

5 weeks of chemo & radiation followed by 5 treatments of brachytherapy. I am so ready to rock it!!! :muscle:

I’m curious as to everyone’s symptoms? Reason I’m asking is because if I’m actually at stage I, the recent symptoms are nothing anyone could ignore and curious how it could progress without getting checked? I’m just praying it’s not actually more progressed than what they are thinking!?

My daily symptoms consist of cramps, backache, bloating, and most recently a bloody watery discharge (getting really old), and just overall discomfort in my midsection!!

I’m so grateful to have found this site to connect with people who truly know what I’m going through! I am freaking scared, but I’m also tough!!

Hi! My first post and my timeline is just behind yours. I go in for my scans next week. I had the following symptoms: slight spotting, back ache (started in December) leg swelling and I would smell smoke (totally weird but someone else in another group stated it). I am scared because I still am in the dark as to what stage I’m at. I

Hi @Kimlovesroses! I’m so sorry you’re here as well but I appreciate your response! So far for me, waiting is the hardest part!! I will say after I had all the scans and met with my oncologist that it put my mind at ease just knowing what I was up against and a plan was put into place!

You’ll be in my prayers!!! :pray:t2: Keep me posted on your scans! :heart_hands:

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Thank you for the reply. How are you doing? I hope you are doing okay under these difficult circumstances. I am so nervous and am all over the place with emotion.

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Honestly, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the last few weeks! LOTS of cramps and back pain & discharge!

My most recent fear is my household is getting colds, so trying steer clear so I can start treatments on Monday!! The cramps and just overall feeling yucky has taken its toll!

How are you doing/feeling?

@Kimlovesroses I was exactly in your position 10 days ago!
My mind was playing tricks on me. I imagined the worst. After I met my oncologist and once they discuss the options and treatment plan, you will feel a whole lot more hopeful. Also ask as many questions here you would like. We all will help you every way possible.

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I am in a rollercoaster. I’m hoping to get my staging tomorrow. I am just crying and overthinking. Uggg. Thank you for talking with me-it’s so scary!!!

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Hey hun! I had my first chemo/rad appt today! It was long, but not bad! The worst part was the radiation part only b/c I was supposed to do radiation first, but the machine needed repairs :woman_facepalming:t3: so was told to do chemo first in hopes that the machine could be repaired in time so I wouldn’t have to go to a different location. So did chemo first and was pumped with a ton of liquids before the chemo (to help protect the kidneys as chemo is hard on them), but then when getting done with chemo & going to radiation was a whirlwind!! I was told to have a full bladder for radiation so I thought this was perfect! Man was I wrong! :joy:

Already long story short, they took me in and said after trying 3 times (and emptying bladder slowly) that my bladder was too full. THEN they ask trying on the 4th time “do you think you could have a bowel movement?” :flushed: OMG first of all, on command!? That would be no. And without urinating!? Is that even possible!? :joy: In the end that was my nightmare! I did what needed to be done to get radiation hours later… BUT I feel just like I did this morning which is a huge win!! :raised_hands:t2::heart_hands:

Seriously hang in there!! We’re all in this together and it helps to share, talk, cry & laugh together!! :heart:


Hey! @Arenae
Im glad to hear you are feeling alright after ur chemo. At least well enough to sound cheerful in your post. Sorry radiation was such a mess but hopefully they get it together next time for you!

How are you feeling now after your chemo? Any side effects yet? Im so curious because I think I will be starting soon and I am just asking about others experiences!

Hi there! So the only side effect from chemo so far is constipation! Which is a nightmare when it comes to radiation because in order to get radiation to the cervix your bladder needs to full to a certain extent, and if your bowels are backed up that will also throw it off. So it’s been kind of a struggle with radiation when I can’t poop! TMI I know but it’s the truth! Radiation should take 15 mins but for me it’s been an hour plus… Just so they can get to the part of the cervix that needs to be treated. I’m so backed up, it’s awful! Just trying to mess with OTC needs to help!

Today was day 3 of radiation and I hit a wall! VERY tired! But that was most likely a side effect from radiation & not chemo!

Hey @Arnae
Is it like being tired from a flu or just sleepiness ?

Just very fatigued! Similar to having influenza or the flu.

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@Arenae got it ! Thank you!

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@Arenae How are you feeling today?? Fighting it out?

Met with my radiologist today. I was told that I need to increase my calories which I normally would be totally onboard with, but I get full SO quickly (new in the last couple of months) and starting yesterday absolutely NOTHING appeals to me! So I think the chemo is finally catching up to me as far as that goes! Thank you so much for asking!! :heart_hands: How are you doing!?

Hey @Arenae
Yes u gotta keep eating to keep fighting this beast . My doc told me to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day and to follow a Mediterranean diet. Lots of olive oil . Lots of veggies (greens) and fruits.
Just small meals all day.
U got this ! Watch a fav movie and keep swallowing small bites !

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Ok, your post made me get an account. I have been randomly smelling smoke in our home and just kept thinking it was the neighbors. Maybe it is but I don’t think they smoke so idk.
I have AIS and I’m waiting on my CKC and hysterectomy. Hopefully it stays just AIS.