Symptoms post Colposcopy

Hi Ladies, some advice and comparing of situations needed. I had my colposcopy and Lletz 16 days ago. The procedure was fine and I had no pain and barely any bleeding afterwards.

However 6 days letter I started to bleed very heavily, ended us as an emergency admission to hospital to stop the bleeding. I was allowed home with antibiotics and transemic (?) acid to stop the bleeding. whilst I was on these I had an upset stomach and I was continually knackered. I've finished these now and feel a bit better although my guts are still bad.

Also I'm now bleeding a bit again. Not massively but a bit. Also I've had no period despite being over a week late now. 

i suppose i'm looking for anyone else who has been through anything similar. Either the infection or lack of period. Or both!

Still no results either. Sick of feeling crap. 




Tranexamic acid helps to prevent you from losing too much blood. You poor thing it must have been really bad for them to have given you that :( 

As for the lack of period I'd say that's probably nothing to worry about. But you say you've started bleeding again- sure that's not your period? Not pregnant?