Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Hey ladies! I’m new here… I read all of your stories and it inspires me. Praying for all of you who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer or any kind of cancer. You got this and you can get through it…

So, I would like to ask for your opinion/advice as well as reassurance. Last month, my dear mother who just turned 59 experienced light bleeding after 10 years of menopause. Thankfully she told me this. I immediately figured out that it might be an indication of serious problems/ disease and then we decided to go to the doctor. For additional info, the light bleeding only lasted for three days and it was only spotting, she didn’t even have to wear a pad or tampon.

During the transvaginal ultrasound, the doctor said that my mother has a thickened endometrial which was about 14mm (the normal size is < 5 mm for menopause women) and her vagina is friable as it easily bleeds when the tools touched it. The doctor concluded that this might be an indication of a) endometriosis, b) endometrial cancer, or c) cervical cancer. Afterwards, she took some sample for a papsmear in order to check or rule out the possibility of cervical cancer. A week after, the result came and it’s negative… So the doctor explained to us that we need to focus on either endometriosis/ endometrial cancer.

Shortly after, we were referred to another doctor who did D&C on 9 August 2021. After that, the gynecologist who performed the D&C told me that she saw lesions on my mom’s cervix and this can be the reason why it bleeds. She also added that this is ‘perhaps’ a cervical cancer but she told me not to worry and just wait for the result as she is not 100% sure. At that time I was so confused and petrified because these two doctors provided me with two different possibilities. Hearing the word ‘C’ is very traumatising for me, since I lost my father two years ago because of lung cancer.

To add, my mother doesn’t experience any other symptoms except light bleeding last month and spotting after pelvic exam as well as D&C.

My questions are:

a) is thickened endometrium a sign of cervical cancer?
b) does the presence of lesions on your cervix indicate cancer or pre-cancer?
c) I’m currently waiting for the result next Thursday but I’m truly devastated. I know I have to stay of google but I can’t. My mind keeps imagining the worst possible scenario and I can’t help that this anxiety goes through the roof. Dr. Google says that when there are symptomps, the cervical cancer is usually advanced so I’m here to ask for your opinion and reassurance…

Thank you for your kind attention and thank you for listening. Sending prayers and love your way xx


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Hi Kayla

I know how ghastly it is to have the C word coming one’s way; I’m so sorry you recently lost your Father.

I can share the parts of my experience which I hope will help answer some of your questions.

I was diagnosed with cc on the basis of symptoms: persistent watery discharge then several months later vaginal bleeding much like a period. There were very obvious abnormalities seen on my cervix and it was described as friable. Despite all that my cancer was stage 2A (locally advanced) and very cureable - I’m 4+ years post treatment and NED (no evidence of disease) so far.

There are reasons other than cancer for cervical lesions e.g. cervical ectropion but I don’t much about that particular condition.

Waiting for the first results is probably the worst time for emotions; there’s so many unknowns and our minds take us to the worst places.

There’s lots of us here to lend a listening ear and share our experiences whenever you need.



Hey Jazza… Thank you so much for taking the time to reply my post. Thank you for explaining me about the symptoms that you experience prior to the cancer diagnosis, it’s truly helpful.

I’m beyond glad that you finally beat cervical cancer and that there is no evidence of disease. You are so strong and so blessed! Hearing your story makes me believe that it’s definitely better to know the reason behind my mother’s postmenopausal bleeding and treat it as soon as possible.

Have a great week x


My symptoms were light discharge at 63 (post-menopausal - last period 10 years previously) which led to some bleeding on a 3-4 weekly basis, only light, but with a few little clots. Like your mother my cervix was friable and bled with ultrasound when they used the internal scanner. A colposcopy revealed some cancer but mainly CIN3; stage 1. However my gynaecologist requested PET/MRI and CT scans, where they look for radioactive glucose uptake in the whole body as well as details of the cervix area, and my cancer was regraded as Stage 3B2. I am 6 months post treatment for cancer, and there is currently no evidence of disease. Stages 1-3 cancer are considered curable - you and your mother are doing the right thing in making sure all possible tests are done. Women should never bleed post-menopause. I hope a diagnosis and appropriate treatment will be quick. I was told my diagnosis two days before Christmas and my treatment started on the 12th January, so they didn’t hang around!


Hi Jacks!

I hope you’re doing well! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story. Yes, more or less my mother experienced similar symptoms (only light bleeding/spotting and friable cervix that bleeds when something touches it). We’re still waiting for the result next Thursday.

Two doctors say that it looks like uterine/endometrial cancer due to her thickened endometrial. Whereas the doctor who performed D&C thought that it ‘may’ be cervical cancer since she saw lesions on my mother’s cervix. Fingers crossed I hope the result will be fine and that it was only non cancerous lesions.

Listening to your story and your reassurance that cervical cancer is very treatable makes me feel calmer and better. I’m beyond glad and happy that you successfully beat cancer and now there’s no single evidence of the disease. I hope all the women out there realise that they can get through it all and fight cancer!

Stay healthy and happy! Xxx


Hi Kayla

Just to add, although the survival odds for stage 4 cc aren’t great there are a few ladies on this forum who have managed to pull through.