Hi everyone, 


Im new on here and just wanted opinions/advice really. 


For the past 3/4 months I've been having a strange discharge (sorry to be graphic) its usually a clear/yellow mucas kind. If that makes sense. Iv also been feeling really bloated and have terrible pains in my legs. Which seem to be getting worse lately. I went to the dictor and he just shrugged it off in a way.  He blamed my implant and said its probably because it needs changing, so im having it removed in 2 weeks. But when I spoke to family planning they advised they had never heard leg pain linked with the implant! Iv been googling constantly which I know isnt good but CC keeps cropping up so im so worried. Im celibate and havent had sex since this started so wouldnt know if I would bleed after sex which I understand is a main symptom.  I had a smear last year which was clear, so im not due one, but if I ring to book one will they just do it or do I have to be kinda referred by my doctor? I want to go back to the doctor really but he made me feel as if I was over-reacting...but I know my body and I know something isnt right. 


Any advice would be great..thanks xxx 

Hi, what a worry for you. You know your body best so if you think something is wrong I would go back to the go. My medical practice has practice nurses so you could try asking one of them for advice, that was how I got referred to a gynaecologist. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. Its the not knowing that is the worst thing. X

Should have typed GP not go! 

Should have typed GP not go!