Symptoms have been getting worse -maybe TMI

I have my surgery on 28.09 after being diagnosed on 29.08 with stage 1b1 but my symptoms had been getting worse since starting in Feb/March. 

I wasn't able to sleep on my back without making a mess - if you know what I mean! And sleeping on my side was starting to become a right pain in my hip! 

I decide to try incontinence pants to sleep in and they are fantastic - good night's sleep and no mess and I feel no shame about looking like I'm wearing an adult nappy because that's not important! I know a lot of ladies don't experience symptoms but those that are struggling with excessive fluid I would seriously recommend this product!

Hi there

i would like to say thank you for such an honest post. It can be so hard having to deal with issues and when ladies are having issues it's very hard for them to ask such personal questions and this post will defiantly help. Many times private details get left in silence and you are an inspiration to all of us who struggle in silence. 

It is so important to strengthen your core muscles to avoid such embarrassment in public. I struggled during treatment with some incontenance issues but am now doing excellent as working to strengthen my core has helped with this as well as lower back pain and hip pain. 


I smiled when I read this post and couldnt agree more! I found the "pull ups" great when I had uncontrolled bleeding too! The nurses recommended  a I used them in hospital when I had packs and afterwards. Felt a little strange at first but it Gave me piece of mind at night and when had the go to appointments.