Symptoms/Follow Up Smear

Hi all

I’m a new member however, I’ve found the forum to be very informative so far. 

I’m just looking to hear more about people’s experiences regarding symptoms and smear test results. 

I’m 27 years old and had my first abnormal smear last October. My letter provided very little info, only that I had abnormal cells & was forwarded to the colposcopy clinic. I had LLETZ procedure and a biopsy a couple of weeks later. Again, the letter following this provided little detail, only that CIN had be identified. 

I’ve just attended a follow up smear on the 30th of September. I’m not particularly worried at this stage however I’m still experiencing some of the same symptoms as last year, bleeding after sex is the most concerning. Also frequent urination however, this might not be linked. 

What sort of symptoms have people experienced, if any? Has anyone has recurring abnormal smears? 

Many thanks