Symptoms...feel like doctor not taking my seriously - please help

Hi everybody,

my last smear was in November 2019 and came back normal. In the last few weeks, the two occasions I have had sex I have had a tiny bit of pink discharge afterwards. The first time was 3 days before my period, and the second time was around ovulation dates. Both times my cervix felt irritated for a good three/four days, but on the second occasion the irritation seems to have turned into a bit of pelvic pain. And I also had the same pinky discharge after a bowel movement this morning. 

I have spoken to two GP's via telephone, neither of them seemed at all concerned, and only wanted to see me if it was proper blood. I spoke with another GP on the phone earlier today and she said she is confident it's not cancer related, but I should get myself checked out, but it can probably wait until lockdown is over.

I am worried sick and feel like my doctors aren't taking me seriously. I know that as my last smear was less than 18 months ago, the likelihood of it being cancer and progressing to having symptoms like bleeding are very low, but that doesn't mean it's impossible does it? I have a 22 month old boy and I keep crying at the thought of leaving him without a mummy. 
has anybody else been in this situation? Xxx

So I managed to convince a doctor to examine me yesterday, I went in and she was lovely. She examined me ( with her fingers, not a speculum) and said my cervix looked a bit red and I inflamed, and she thought it was thrush. She gave me a cream to use and said if I didn't feel any better next week then to come back. 

This morning I had quite a lot of bleeding and really panicked. Called the GP surgery, and the doctor who did my examination yesterday doesn't work on Tuesdays, so I had to speak to another woman. She said the bleeding wasn't related to the examination, but because my cervix was inflamed. How can that be when up until yesterday I had only had a tiny bit of pink discharge? And now I was having proper blood? I asked if I could go back in for a second opinion or get a referral and she said she couldn't understand why I was worrying? I ended up getting really upset, begged for a referral. I don't see how she can't see what my concern is? She is pretty much saying even if I hadn't had that examination I would have bled lots this morning? I didn't know thrush did that?

Please can somebody reply to me - I am going out of my mind with worry. 


I can really empathise with your worry, it's not a nice place to be.  I'm not a doctor but there are a range of reasons which could explain your bleeding e.g. cervical ectropion:

It's reassuring that you are up to date with your smear tests and you are right that it is not impossible that it's cancer though unlikely.  I'm not aware that thrush causes  bleeding (mine never did); maybe the doc's finger examination triggered something?

As long as you don't get continued heavy bleeding I suggest following the advice of the doctor who examined you and to go back next week if you still have symptoms.  Use the cream, you have been prescribed, as directed and if possible try and see the same doctor.  Whatever the problem is another week will not affect your medical outcome.

Hope this helps a bit?


Thank you so much for your reply Jazza.

No I didn't know either. What seems to make the most sense to me is the thrush has made my cervix inflamed, and the examination has caused the already inflamed cervix to bleed?

The GP finally got back to me after a few hours and said she is going to refer me to a colposcopy clinic. She said she didn't want me to worry, she didn't think it was anything bad, it was just because she didn't think it was the examination that caused me to bleed, and so she wanted me to be checked by a specialist. 

To make matters every more confusing straight afterwards I spoke to a private doctor who advised that she thought it was due to the examination, and that the fact it's slowing down is a reassuring sign. She actually advised the same as you, continue to use the thrush medication and go back to the first GP next week to see if things have improved. I'm due on my period this weekend though, so it will probably be the weekend afterwards. I think I will probably still try to get a colposcopy appointment regardless of what happens, even if the first GP says my symptoms have cleared, I would like that extra reassurance?

Honestly my head is such a mess right now. I'm so scared of leaving my beautiful little boy.