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Hi Everyone
Last week I received my results for my smear stating I have HPV and High-grade moderate dyskaryosis.
The thing that terrifies me the most is that I know HPV on its own does not cause symptoms. However, I have a few symptoms that are caused by cervical cancer. I have my colposcopy tomorrow and I’m terrified.
Has anyone else had symptoms as well as high grade (moderate) diagnosis? What was your outcome? I have read a lot of posts on here about receiving the LLETZ treatment etc, but none that state they had symptoms of any kind.
Thankyou for reading x

I think the thing is, Brinkie, that having symptoms that COULD fit with cervical cancer doesn’t automatically mean you have cervical cancer, because there are always a range of things that can cause issues. You haven’t said what your symptoms are, but if you’ve been ‘Googling’ it’s quite likely you’re convinced you’ve got it, but it’s not necessarily so.

What a good thing you have your colposcopy tomorrow, as you’ve not had to wait long. Make sure you inform your health care team about any symptoms that are worrying you, but the colposcopy should make everything clear. If is does turn out to be cancer it sounds like you would be in an early stage and it WILL be treatable.

But don’t go there until you get there - try to take things as they come and not dwell on it before you know the results - they are on your case, and that’s what matters. X

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