Symptoms but smear yet to be carried out

Hi all. I have not been diagnosed with CC and I apologise in advance for gatecrashing (for want of a better word) on this forum, but I am worried and I am seeking some reassurance from people in a similar situation.


Back in Feb I went to the GP with symptoms of  bacterial infection (mainly an offensive smelling discharge). I had some swabs done and they came back neg for BV, Thrush, Chlamydia and Gonnorrea. I insisted something was not right and so was prescribed antibios, being told that perhaps it was BV and the swab hadn't detected it. The meds worked and the discharge cleared up. Four weeks later I got the same symptoms and so thinking it was BV, I got some gel from the pharmacy, which again cleared it up.


A few weeks ago I woke up with symptoms of cystitis, frequent urge to urinate, pain when urinating (burning sensation) and blood in my urine, as well as a bloody discharge (I haven't had a period since I got the implant in 2013). I had urine tests done which showed white blood cells and pus and so was precribed antibiotics but after a week the signs were still there. By then the urine culture test came back negative as did my swabs. My doctor did an internal and said my cervix was very inflamed and she thinks I might have ectropion of the cervix but she is referring me to a gyno for a second opinion. Since this 'diagnosis' my symptoms have largely disappeared (apart from the constipation) but I have felt bruised down there since the internal. Today I checked and found a lump near the entrance to my vagina (from researching and based on its location I am presuming it is a Bartholian Cyst?)

I am concerned that I have had all these symptoms and all the tests have been negative. I am wondering if they are all related or all seperate conditions. I am also concerned that both cases of the bacterial infection and then later the 'cystitis' occured within days of having sex, and like I said I do not have periods but I was bleeding within a day of my last encounter. Has anyone else experienced this. Should I be concerned? I know I shouldn't worry until I have seen the gyno but my appt hasn't come through yet and I need some reassurance.

Thanks in advance


I understand it's worrying waiting for appointments. I don't have any answers I'm afraid but I would suggest trying not to search online for causes of symptoms. Easier said than done I know. You're being referred to right person, and a gynaecologist can request whatever tests are needed to find out the cause of your symptoms. It may be something straightforward (although Google does tend to throw out the most serious possibilities ahead of any others), and it will only be when the doctor examines you that things will start to become clear. 

I'm sorry I can't offer pearls of wisdom, but didn't want to read and run, as know it feels when you're looking for a bit of support. I hope you get your appointment soon and wish you all the best.

Take care.

Hi ladies, I am also worried about my situation. August 2013 I had CIN3 removed under general anaesthetic due to the large area it was covering. Following my surgery, I asked my consultant if he had removed it all, and he replied, 'I hope so, but we will take a look in a few months'. A few months later, I had a letter cancelling my follow up and stated, instead, I have a smear test at my GP surgery. The results came back as 'normal' and HPV negative. However, fast forward to April 2015 and I started bleeding after sex, heavy periods, occasional lower back pain, with a dragging feeling in lower stomach. My GP sent me for a scan on my womb, and they discovered I have PCOS and what look like fobroids. My GP said she wants to see if I had an infection, and has to do so before the NHS would agree to smear or colposcopy. They came back clear, and then booked me in for a check up. Anyway, I attended a health centre yesterday (which I thought was going to be a hospital, for a colposcopy), to be seen by a GP. I was told by the GP my symptoms and she said she would love to refer me for earky smear and colposcopy, but I have to wait another three years, as they wont do it. It was a complete waste of time, and I'm worried I'm going to be left and become really ill. The GP yesterday said there is 0% of me being tested early. Is there anything I can do about this, as my symptoms do not seem normal. 



Hi Steffi, its ludicrous to have to say, but I think your best option is to book a private test. Your symptoms could very well be caused by the PCOS anad fibroids, but you can't wait 3 years before finding that out for sure. What a knackered system over there. Are smears really costing them that much that they refuse point blank to do them until absolutely necessary?

Best of luck with it xxx

Hi Steffi,

I can understand why you're wanting to have a smear. Personally I think the over-reliance now on this HPV 'test of cure' is a concern, as they're so rigid in saying if the test is ok you don't need to be screened for another 3 years.

There is the option of a private smear. There's also the option of asking your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist. You appear to have gynae related symptoms, and of course sometimes it can be something very straightforward. The gynaecologist though can request any tests they feel may be necessary - including colposcopies. Symptoms can always be investigated by a gynaecologist, and I'd encourage anyone who can't get a smear and who is worried to ask for this referral. 

All the best x