Symptoms at what stage?

Hello everyone, I have been waiting for two weeks to get my MRI scan to let me know the stage of my cancer.
I have bleeding, continuous foul smelling discharge and now in the last two days i am feeling a lot of pain in my lower back and tail bone. The blood is heavier too now and i can’t believe i still have to wait until Thursday to find out my results. It is mentally draining to try and keep positive and to not think about the worst case scenario.
The fact that i’m now in pain and needing pain killers from the doctors is frightening me so much as i feel like whilst i’m waiting all this time the cancer has been spreading and there is nothing i can do about it. My sore tail bone is really worrying me just now especially. It’s sore to sit or lie down for too long.
Has anybody had similar symptoms and been given their results of their stage? Does anyone just have any advice to help me have a better idea of what is going on or reassurance? I am so so scared now. Anything would be appreciated so much!


Hi WeeP.

I totally understand where you’re coming from - not knowing what’s going on and envisioning the worst case scenario. I’ve had bleeding after sex for about 2 years - I used to have foul smelling discharge CONSTANTLY - to the point where I was a running joke between friends - I’ve always had a ‘feeling’ something was wrong. I even went to gynae in 2020 and said I thought I had CC and was dismissed. Try not to think the worst of every symptom. All the symptoms u are describing can still be very early forms of CC. You have to remember, I’ve even seen people stage 3/4 in REMISSION. I know in my case, my symptoms were worse the more anxious I was - pain in my abdomen and back, heartburn etc

They will be able to treat you regardless of stage. Chin up. Lots of love xxxxx


Aw thank you for replying :heart:. I’m in hospital just now as i can’t pee. My mind is racing to thinking it’s maybe 3B. Got my MRI tomorrow and worried about staying still with a sore back. Think it has just hit me tonight that this is me finally getting something done tomorrow after months of waiting. It’s mentally and emotionally draining. I don’t want to say too much to my parents and my partner as it makes me feel worse if i make them worry more. xx

Through this whole process - the scans and waiting for the staging was 100% the worst part. Once you know what you’re dealing with - the fight can start. Stage 3B or not - you’ll beat this. Bad back doesn’t necessarily mean spread - how long have you had symptoms? Also do you feel well in yourself? Try and speak to your loved ones, you’re number one at the moment and it’s so important to talk and to have people there to reassure you. I’m always here too. :white_heart:


Aw thanks so much. That does mean a lot. This forum is a great place to hear from all of us who are in the same position and understand how it feels.
Today i have had the CT scan and MRI which felt like no bother at all so i felt very relieved.
It doesn’t quite make sense to me that on Thursday i find out some information of what they saw but not any staging yet as i need a PET scan too. Told the PET scan could be another 2-3 weeks! :open_mouth:. Is this how it happened with you? It feels like this is really dragging out. How are you? xx

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C journey

Smear - September
Abnormal Results - 12th September
Colposcopy LOOP - 16th September
C WORD - 29th September
Staging CT scan - 3rd October
MRI - 10th October
Adenocarcinoma 1B - 17th October
Consultant appt - 25th October
Radical hysterectomy discussion
Surgery - 24th November

That’s my journey so far. My CT was for staging, and the MRI was for a closer look. They have offered me a radical hysterectomy because my cancer is adenocarcinoma which is the rarer form of CC, and it behaves by spreading microscopically so even though nothing seen on the scans - it may still have spread, so they need to take the risk and remove everything, so lymphnodes and overies so I will have to have HRT for 10+ years as I’m only 32. I think the side effects of the sudden menepause is what’s scaring me the most. I do know both types of cervical cancer are SLOW growing so they have time to do these investigations. What trust are you at? I’m happy to give you my number if you want :blush:


Hi @amaayrachel

Adenocarcinoma is less common than squamous, but it is not rare. But these are not the only 2 types of cervical cancer-there are more than 2.

I’m aware of that. I said it was a rarer form of CC. 2 out of 10 women are diagnosed with it, the other 8 squamous

You also said that both types are “slow growing”, but not all types of cervical cancer are slow growing, for example Small Cell cervical cancer, which can grow quickly.

Your post seem to be stating that there is adenocarcinoma and squamous because you refer to two types. I was merely pointing out it’s not as simple as 2 types, and now I’m just noting that not all cervical cancer is slow growing.

Sorry I’m newly diagnosed and just trying to offer some reassurance. Also what I stated was right, the two types I was talking about are slow growing. I didn’t mention small cell cervical cancer. I was talking about the other two.


Yes, I completely get where you’re coming from in terms of offering reassurance, but it seemed you just thought there were only 2 types of cervical cancer. The main types of cervical cancer it’s true are adeno and squamous and both do tend to be slow growing.

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Yeah I think I’ve just been talking about the two most common didn’t mean to cause offence or anything. X

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Absolutely no offence taken! My adenocarcinoma became extremely aggressive and grew quickly, so sometimes when I see statements presented as absolute facts, I just feel the need to add a little bit of extra information!

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What treatment did you get? And are you in remission?

I had chemoradiation and surgery. I’m doing ok thanks.

Ah that’s amazing keep going. I’m waiting for my radical hysterectomy and I’m petrified x

It’s natural to be scared about major surgery. But it’s a means an end-getting rid of the cancer. You’ll just need to take it easy after the op and give yourself plenty time to recover from it.

Hi weep
I remember posting something similar when I was first diagnosed before scans, I also had the foul smelling discharge. I don’t want to frighten you as my consultant said symptoms start from stage 1. I turned out to be 3C but I am now nearly 2 years clear. You will be just fine xxx

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HPV last year no cell changes. HPV a year later with cell changes. Consultant expected pre cancerous cells but they were in fact stage one. No symptoms at. I have endo too so I have usual aches and pains. Doctor said it was a microscopic area so I definitely would not have had symptoms. Waiting for the MRI and CT results was the worst time: two weeks of thinking cancer had spread everywhere. But, it was clear. Lletz had removed it.

Had another Lletz to be sure and all was good. Two weeks after that result I’ve had a hysterectomy with ovaries left.

I think once I’m home all of this will finally sink in. It’s been a two month whirlwind. I’ve reached out to Macmillan at our hospital and I’ll probably have some counselling.

I tend to block things out but then I know one day it will hit me because I haven’t processed things properly. I had been trying for a baby for 7 years after an ectopic and then 7 years on found endo which had ruined my remaining tube. Having it all removed is very final but I’m thankful I’m here and ir was caught early. Thank goodness for smear tests!

Keep busy whilst waiting and keep us posted xxx