Symptoms and terrified

I am new to the site (found you guys by googling, WAY too much googling). Anyway heres some background on me. I had my first smear at 19 (in the states before the recommendations changed). All paps came back negative yearly until 2012 (still clear) and then recommendations changed to 3 years so I was due for one next month. I am on the combination pill (since January) and had NO problems, bleeding etc. Then this month, after having intercourse, I started having some bleeding (this has happened occasionally but it always stopped). It continued and varied from brown discharge to bloody discharge, and over the next 14 days has gotten worse. I now am having what I believe is my period (hard to tell as I haven't stopped bleeding) and no end in sight. I made an appt with my Gyn who went ahead and did my smear/HPV test early because of symptoms, and all came back clear last week. She also ordered a transvagibal ultrasound that was normal. I am so worried and can't get the idea of Cc out of my Mind. I have read so many stories of women who had, specifically adenocarcinoma, and it wasn't caught on screening until it was too late or were brushed off as bleeding just being hormonal. Should I go back to my Gyn and request more testing? she wanted to wait 3 months on a new pill but I am absolutely driving myself nuts, there's no way I can wait 3 months thinking cancer is inside me. I sit around and cry all day, thinking I am going to die and nothing will be done and it's completely controlling my life. I need some reassurance, or at least some advice on what to do next!!

Hiya and welcome. 

The fact that you have had all these tests and they are clear should be very reassuring. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma last year, now it can be less likely to be picked up on a smear if it is very high up and more women with adenocarcinoma present with symptoms however most cases of cgin  (cell abnormality) prior to adenocarcinoma is picked up by the smear. My smear test came back as a glandular abnormality and was visible at colposcopy. The likely hood that you have cancer and they have not detected it through these tests it's extremely extremely unlikely. 


Take care 

Charlene xx

Thank you so much for your response! Having read through the majority of these forums, I am so inspired and in awe of those who are beating this horrible thing! You are awesome! I am still a nervous wreck, I just can't decide to wait and see (which I am not good at) or press my dr for more testing. I have had my cycles for 21 years (started at age 9) and never been irregular, especially on the pill, so this has been very worrisome for me. What would you do?

Hi hun, I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma as I suffered a massive haemorrhage. I had a transvaginal ultrasound which found the tumor. Had I not experienced that bleed I was told it would have been too late when my next smear test was due. It sounds like you've had all the tests and things look positive so I would ttr not to worry. If your not happy then get a second opinion :) , 

Love lea

Thank you for responding Lea. I know the chances are not great that I have CC but I just can't et the worry out of my mind. I met with my Gyn again yesterday, as I am still bleeding (15 days now) and she wants to do a laparascopic hysteroscopy on Thursday morning. I am more apprehensive about this procedure as I have had a failed laparascopic procedure before, due to very large adhesions from an abdominal surgery I have 16 years ago. I am hoping that she is able to do the procedure and find the cause of this abnormal bleeding. I appreciate your encouragement and will let you know how it turns out. I did have a question for lea. Did you ever have an abnormal smear prior to being diagnosed? I never even realized until all of this started having these problems that so many don't show up on screening. Did either of you have an HVP test too? I know they aren't as common in thr UK as in the states, so I was curious if either of you had one. Thank you.

Hi pidge, in response to you question no I didn't have an abnormal smear nor did I have hpv. It was adenocarcinoma which is glandular and grows further up the cervix which is why it probably wasn't picked up xxx

Thanks for responding lbooker. That is my biggest fear right now, that I have cc and it's not being picked up. I know I've had an ultrasound as well but I am still scared. I guess I will find out for sure tomorrow. still very nervous about the procedure itself, due to my past scar tissue. Just hoping for some answers. 

I would say the pill could be the cause, people hormones and response to hormonal contraceptives changes all the time, our hormones could be dipping causing some blood loss there could be lot factors. How did you gt on today??


Charlene xx

Thank you. I had a hysteroscopy and D&C today. The dr said nothing looked abnormal but still sent things off to be sure. Thanks again for the encouragement.

Hi ladies, I am also worried about my situation. August 2013 I had CIN3 removed under general anaesthetic due to the large area it was covering. Following my surgery, I asked my consultant if he had removed it all, and he replied, 'I hope so, but we will take a look in a few months'. A few months later, I had a letter cancelling my follow up and stated, instead, I have a smear test at my GP surgery. The results came back as 'normal' and HPV negative. However, fast forward to April 2015 and I started bleeding after sex, heavy periods, occasional lower back pain, with a dragging feeling in lower stomach. My GP sent me for a scan on my womb, and they discovered I have PCOS and what look like fobroids. My GP said she wants to see if I had an infection, and has to do so before the NHS would agree to smear or colposcopy. They came back clear, and then booked me in for a check up. Anyway, I attended a health centre yesterday (which I thought was going to be a hospital, for a colposcopy), to be seen by a GP. I was told by the GP my symptoms and she said she would love to refer me for earky smear and colposcopy, but I have to wait another three years, as they wont do it. It was a complete waste of time, and I'm worried I'm going to be left and become really ill. The GP yesterday said there is 0% of me being tested early. Is there anything I can do about this, as my symptoms do not seem normal. 



Hi,would like to know if things got sorted out(steffi)i would have screamed and screamed till they did my test,considering that was what i was there to have done.(but that my way of coping)Why will the gp not test you or send you for another colopscony test.Did you know that GUM sexula health clinics used to do smear test no questions asked,but cut backs meant alot stopping doing them,might be worth checking out if your local ones still do.What about private,costly,priced at around 100 pounds in my local private hospital.I do think you should have another recheck(PCOS/Fobroid)need checking.Do you have a local hospital that has a macmillan nurse for public to answer general queries,mine did and she was a star,is this worth a try,or have a good nosy around mcmillan site(not saying you are ill,not trying to scare you)just that it has loads of good information.Also i would email the expert on this site,i really think youshould be doing something proactive about this,if not only to make you feel better,keep in touch would like to know how you get on,best of luck,mandy(breast cancer/remission/gyno problems/LLetz/biospy/scans still under treatment)