Symptoms and so scared :(

Hello, I’m Katie, 27 , i have a 3 year old and i’m a single mum and suffer from health anxiety which has become severe since having chlamydia last year.

Back story is - clear smear in 2013.
I had unprotected sex last april and started to have red/brown discharge few days before period and increased ovulation pain that lasted weeks…i developed severe health anxiety and had panic attacks
I went for swabs and an abdominal scan, which was fine - no cysts etc
I was told i had chlamydia in sep 15 which was treated and was tested negative for it 2 months later…

However, my symptoms have continued (the brown discharge before period, pain and irregular periods) I’ve also had mild discomfort with sex once. No bleeding after or in-between periods tho.
I do have lots of pain in my lower ab, back , down my legs thats been constant all month…

I am so so scared I have cervical cancer and the doctors don’t seem concerned (my mum died of breast cancer so my anxiety stems from this)

I had swabs again and she said my cervix looked ok, but it came back i had thrush…so i was treated for that in Jan.
I have just had a normal blood test.
They’ve referred me to a gyno but app isn’t till end of march. my anxiety and worry won’t go away.

I am so fed up. I feel like paying for a smear test myself because I can’t leave this until october!!
The anxiety is controlling my life and ruining it.

What could this be? its not chlamydia…i google all the time which i know is bad and not helping. it can’t be PID cos that would’ve shown on the blood test? is it hpv? is it changing cells? i’m so scared

Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance x

Hi :)

I suffer from healthy anxiety aswell, its such a horrible thing.


Im currently waiting 6 months for another smear because mines has just came back with minor changes, :( i know how much it can play in your head and how stressful it is when you feel you arent being taken seriously.

are you on any contraception? I am and my doctor thinks my problems might be coming from that ( the same discharge ) If you had a clear smea in 2013 thats a good sign.

Im really hoping everything turns out fine like it has every other time i've let my anixety take control, hope this is the case for you too


holly x

Hi Katie, just read your story and wanted to say how sorry I am you feel so scared, it sounds like things are really hard for you. Losing your mum must have been awful. I am also a single mum with a 3 year old.  Please take care and get whatever extra help and support you can - I really recommend getting a counsellor or therapist by whatever means possible - ask your Dr or you could even try an organisation like CRUSE, they helped me after my Dad died and that is free. If you have chance to get a few hours of childcare so you can do something relaxing like go to yoga, that has really been helping me too. Lots of love and hugs, Amy xxx