Symptoms and outcomes??

Hi ladies, 

What were your symptoms and outcomes???

Thanks ladies xx

Mine currently are...... Peeing more frequently,irregular bleeding since October and the odd bleed after sex. I'm slightly more bloated than usual. Any one else had any of these symptoms?? Any ideas if it's good or bad?? Getting my self in a tizz. 

Thank you ladies xx

Hi i have been treated for severe dyskaryosis awsiting results. My symptoms are aching and cramp style pains every single day in my pelvic area, extreme bloating daily, needing to pee more and it hurts as bladder fills up. Awaiting pelvic scan hoping all is ok. Hope your symptoms ease soon xx


I think that's the same as CIN3. Must be referred to different things depending on the area we live in. 

Sounds like we have a lot of the same symptoms. I never usually pee this much and I think it's only because it is painful when filling up that I go more often. Maybe??

Alreadt been checked for a uti so I know it's not that. 

Hope you get your results soon. Did they say how long they would be? 

Take care xx 

I feel terribly bloated too and seem to be peeing a lot!  Had my lletz at the start of March but still healing due to 'bleeding complications'.  I got the all clear for now but still getting weird feelings in and around the girly area I guess you could say!