Symptoms and high grade

Hello I never usually post on these, but i am so very worried.

I am 25 in two weeks and I had a smear back in January, came back inadequate had another in May and it came back high grade 

dyskarorsis :-( 

I had a baby a year ago and ever since then I have had some abnormal discharge (sorry if it's tmi) but it is watery and smells a bit

I don't get it all the time, just most :-( i just thought maybe the tights I am wearing etc but now reading some stories I am really scared

for the worse :-(

I have my colposcopy booked for 12th June

I am just wanting to see if anyone else had watery discharge and what was the outcome (sorry gross I know) but i am panicking.

Thank you x

Hi Charley,

I had my first colposcopy today & lletz treatment, it really wasnt as bad as i had imagined. Good luck with yours!