Symptoms and high grade cells

Hi everyone


Sorry for another post but it's my colposcopy appointment today and I've worked myself into a bit of a panic. I had light bleeding between periods on occasion for over a year and infections and polyps have been ruled out. I have my appointment following my abnormal (high grade) smear result for my colposcopy and I have convinced myself it's cancer because everywhere says pre-cancerous cells are symptomless. 


I think I'm just hoping for stories of people with abnormal cells and symtpoms who turned out to not have cancer as that would help calm me down.


Thanks all!

How did it go?

How did it go?

Thanks for your reply. They said I need to have lletz, and it will be under GA because the position of the cells make it awkward to remove them. I asked about symptoms as the doc said when the cells are severely abnormal it is possible they could cause bleeding. This reassured me at the time but yesterday I seem to have slipped back down into a fear hole and have managed to convince myself it's probably cancer again.


Still waiting on the biopsy results... does the biopsy letter specifically say if it's cancer or not?


I go on holiday in a week so they said lletz will be after I get back, although don't have the date yet!

The waiting bit is horrible. Do too try to relax and enjoy your holida. If it was anything very serious then I am sure that they would have seen it x