Symptoms after smear results? Driving self mad

I'm honestly so so so anxious about my moderate result from my smear. I keep crying in random places I worry I have cancer or advanced cancer. I've recently given birth and heartbroken at idea of this. I keep checking my pants and wiping checking for discharge if it's creamy I'll take a photo see if it looks like blood and some times I can't tell so I'll take it outside. Since results I've noticed right side ovary aching mildly and back ache and vagina twinges. I can't eat because I'm so sick with stress. My colposcopy is Thursday and I'm terrified.


Potential symptoms:

Infection after birth yellow thick discharge cleared with antibiotics

Right ovary sharp pain one day few months back

Sharp pain near kidney one night

Tiny pink discharge after sex two weeks ago


I'm crying as I write this.


Hi Regeo

I know that this must feel so worrying for you at the moment. It is never easy to get an abnormal smear result and having just had a baby I'm sure your mind must be racing. It's really good that you have a colposcopy appointment on Thursday as they will be able to have a closer look at your cervix and hopefully reassure you and talk through the best course of action - if any is needed at all.

Do you have anyone that can support you across these next few days? It might really help to talk to close friends or a family member. Also, it might help to keep yourself busy or focus on other things until the appointment. Alternatively, many people find it really helpful to meditate or practice mindfulness.

Our helpline will be open on Monday morning and they will be more than happy to talk things through with you and we can even offer you a callback to coincide with after your colposcopy appointment just to give you that bit extra support. The number is 0808 802 8000

Hang on in there, I know it feels like a long time to wait but it will come around in no time. I hope you will find it reassuring to hear that cervical cancer is quite rare and your symptoms could be down to something much less serious.

Please remember we're here should you need us.

Best wishes