Symptoms - advice appreciated

Hi all. 


I was due a smear in February however due to being pregnant I didn't book in for it. I didn't continue the pregnancy and I had to have a small procedure due to complications. I was given gas and air As they were struggling to reach / locate my cervix. When they finally found what they were looking for, the doctor asked me if I had a smear recently. I explained no but that I was due one. 
Prior to this I had been experiencing pain during sex, bleeding and increased (and sometimes foul smelling )discharge. This is still ongoing but also with back pain and a dull ache in my lower stomach. I have noticed that the bleeding after sex has gotten heavier, also that on occasion, a bowel movement is followed by vaginal bleeding. 
I called my doctors today as I am becoming concerned. However due to Covid19 they are not carrying out routine appointments / smears. 
has anyone had these symptoms and been diagnosed? Or had these symptoms and for it to be something else? I think the doctor asking me about a smear alarmed me as it sounded like she was asking due to something she could see. Of course I could be over thinking it all. 

Thanks all 

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