Symptom city !!!!


im new and I really am worried out of my mind, despite trying to remain calm etc. 


recently with a new partner I noticed blood on the condom after sex, I just put it down to having sex around the time of my period, however it kept happening. It wasn't bothersome or painful, just embarrassing more than anything, it subsides after a day or so. However it's been happening more often. Then over the past two months I have been bleeding outside of my normal periods, to the point I've not counted and I've only had 18 or so days free from bleeding. I have also been exoeriencing "old blood" that is almost black at times that goes on for days. So two weeks ago, I wnt off to the nurse, she didn't examine me and sent me for bloods, and told me to see the Dr in a week. I saw the Dr, he said bloods all normal, told me that I should write a diary of symptoms for 2-3 months, and to check that I didn't have a tampon lodges in me ..... I know, I can hear you all ..... At this point it may be worth telling you that I worked as a Med Sec for 5 years in the UroOncology team, so I am medically minded.


That was the Friday, I'd stopped bleeding by that point, so I actually bought in to his advice and even considered that my symptoms were nothing. Sunday morning I woke up and as I stood up I had TMI blood running from me, and not due on. i then cried all day out of sheer exhaustion ... Then the lower back pains started and lower abdo pains, sharp and stabbing.

Tuesday I demanded to see a Dr. A different Dr who was shocked at the advice I'd been given. My last smear was clear 2.5 years ago, but neitherDr or nurse had examined me for these symptoms. This dr got the nurse to examin me there and then. mid exam she walked out to get the Dr, and asked if he could see the area of concern and commented that there was so much old blood, and I had a bulky cervix. 

The Dr agreed and told me to dress and return to his office. He then asked about postcoital bleeding and I confirmed I had been experiencing this recently and several times in past two years. He then took my mob no and advised he was ref me urgently for colposcopy and scans etc. 

I then get a call from Drs asking me to get a prescription for Floxacilin, and not to worry, no STD's but she couldn't tell me what it was for as she wasn't medically trained. I have my appt on Thursday. The pains are on and off, and the bleeding has subsided, but goodness me I am so scared. 

I am 32, no children, I have Coeliacs disease, but that's all. My mum was mis diagnose with terminal pancreatic and liver cancer 4 years ago aged 56, only diagnosed because of me, so my faith in the NHS diagnosis system is low ..... 


Any words of wisdom or similar stories greatly appreciated ..... Xxx

Hi honey,

Sorry I have only just read your post.How did things pan out?

Did you get some answers.Let me know if you need to anything

I will try and help.


Becky x