swollen tummy after llets treatment?

Hi I had my llets treatment on Monday an today (Friday) I look pregnant! Is it normal to get swelling or should I see the doctor? 

Thanks girls xxxx 

I think it can be normal to experience swelling, I had my LLETZ on Tuesday and the nurse said I could get swelling, discomfort, period like pai,  discharge and slight bleeding.

For the first 2 days I was ok, had nothing at all just a heavy feeling 'down there' and very slight dizziness From the local anaesthetic. 

I started the antibiotics I was given last night - as precaution for infection. And this makes me feel sick and get to odd stabbing like pains and I feel bloated but I'm not. Did they give you any antibiotics? 

Hope you feel better soon 


Hi no I wasn't given any antibiotics, just given a leaflet that said I would get discharge and not to have sex for a month. I've been very careful with keeping area clean and cconstantly changing pads so I'm hoping it's just a side effect. Will At and see how I am in the morning an decide what to do, I'm sure I'd feel more pain if anything sinister was going on. I just wasn't sure if it was normal as I wasn't warned it would hhappen. Thanks for replying! Xxx 

My tummy was very swollen for about three to four days after my treatment, I felt so bloated and horrible, it soon went though after about 4 days xxx