Swollen nodes

Fretting and stressing and just need to get it off my chest in a safe place.


I had a first lymphoedema appointment last Thursday as have had swelling in my groin and thigh on and off for about 12 months.  As part of that appointment I pointed out to the nurse that I have swollen lumps (slight) in my groin.  She became concerned and advised me to self refer to my Macmillan nurse asap.  So I did.  I have an appointment on Monday 22nd with the consultant.


Am pretty petrified and can't stop thinking the worse. 


Not sure what anyone can say or do.  Just got to keep moving through the next few weeks.


Am assuming they'll book me in for an MRI, which of course there'll be a wait for.  Hate this waiting and being in limbo land.


Feeling totally grumpy today, no patience with my family.  I'm dancing later today (I'm a morris dancer) so looking forward to taking my frustration out in my clogs!



Hi Gertie

Yes the waiting is awful but at least you might hopefully have a better picture of what you are dealing with after your appointment tomorrow.

Really hope it goes well for you and that it is not what you are thinking.

Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow and try and enjoy the morris dancing today - what a wonderful thing to do, I love watching it!



Thanks Cheryl. Hugs and luck gratefully received xx

Hi Gertie,

Sorry you have to go through more worries.I hope you get to the

bottom of it soon,and don't have to wait too long for a MRI.

Hope you had a good time with your dancing and

got rid of some tension.

All the best.Happy christmas

Becky x

Hope it goes well for you hun, lea xx

Hi Gertie,

Wishing you all the best for today and whatever follows. I have to say that I think putting ribbons and bells on sticks and then using them to bash other people's sticks sounds like the perfect therapy.


Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli. It was fab. More of it tonight and the added bonus of the pub!

Thanks Lea

Thanks Becky, happy Christmas to you too.

And breathe! Thanks everyone for your wishes. I’ve seen the consultant today and she is absolutely certain that the swollen node is full of lymph (due to lymphoedema) and nothing else. I’m being sent for a non urgent MRI just to be 100% certain.

Great news Gertie, so so pleased for you.  Now you can enjoy Christmas - hope you have a great one!



Hurrah! Have a great time! Am trying not to be jealous of you being in a proper pub ;-)

Happy Xmas


Fantastic news, relax a little now and have a lovely Xmas xxxx