Swollen lymph nodes after cin3 removal

Hi I had a smear 3 years ago after the birth of my daughter that came back abnormal. Was told to test again in a year but at that time I was pregnant again. Tested after pregnancy... As both times I was told that testing through pregnancy or directly after the birth could affect the results. The results again came back with minor changes. So I was sent for a biopsy and told to wait 4 weeks for results. 1 week later results came back as cin 3 and not the cin1 I was being told all along.

1 month later I was in for lletz treatment and apparently the cells were hard to reach and access but they believed to have got them all. The sample was taken for biopsy again and came back cin3 and to be tested again in 6 months.

Now 5 months down the road my pubic lymph nodes have swollen for no apparent reason. A course of antibiotics have not reduced the swelling. I have a constant headache and am awaiting referral for scans and biopsy. Have I reason to be worried?