Swollen lymph node in groin

Hi ladies, 8 weeks post op today after TLRH to treat stage 1b1 adenocarcinoma. The lymph nodes they took were clear and I have gone on to develop lymphoedema in my right thigh and groin- although very mildly! This week my lymphoedema has flared up and been quite achey, whilst moisturising last night I found a lump in my groin. Called my CNS and she got me in to see the consultant this evening. She had a feel and said it was a swollen lymph node which would normally indicate infection. She checked for any ingrowing hairs down there, all clear. She's referred me for an urgent full body scan to check it out and warmed me they may insert a needle into the lymph node to check for cancer cells. She told me she wasn't concerned and I shouldn't be, but given what's happened I'm a little worried. Has anyone else had this happen? Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated! Jade xx

Hi so sorry you having this to cope ith now! I have no experience ith it realy, just having slight pufiness on the left side of my private after my surgery! All the best, hopefully get you sorted without any more pain & procedures!! ((hugs))

Hope you are recovering well with the surgery! Hope the puffiness goes down, keep an eye on it. I was diagnosed with lymphoedema 3 weeks post op and early treatment really is key to prevent it getting worse.
Thank you, I hope that too. Just feeling very anxious at the moment and would like it Iberia with by christmas!! Xx

About 6 weeks after I finished my treatment, I had to see my GP as I had a swollen lymph node in my groin. He said it was some kind of infection but it did clear up on its own. Funnily enough, I did get a cold a few days after....


Thank you for replying Catherine. My ct scan was clear, they are doing an ultrasound to be extra sure but it seems its nothing to worry about, phew. Jade xx

Yay Jade, to it doesn't seem to be anything serious! I have swelling in my right side of my groin today, do you think I should talk to my GP or anything? Noticed it in the shower this morning, very noticeable compared to left side? Sorry to flood your post with questions!  Salma

Hello all. I'm finding it hard to distinguish what is or isn't normal with my body these days! I've thought I've had swollen nodes in my

groin but I'm never sure as I had abdomlnal surgery so there's scar tissue and swelling anyway! I just think it's not worth guessing and speculating so I'm just going to go to my gp no matter how small the issue is! Better safe than sorry! I've already been twice since my op about things like bleeding. I don't care if they get sick of me! Xx

Thanks Tank 86 think I'll do that to as don't like the swelling! All the best xxx