swollen leg, clot?

I've had some slight swelling in my left thigh over the past few weeks.  It feels a little warm to the touch & the skin feels smooth.  I was putting it down to mild lymphedema but I've read some other posts where ladies have had problems with their legs swelling and I'm worried about it being a clot?  What are the symptoms of this?.  Has anyone any experience of this or advice on what they think it may be??

Hiya when I was pregnant I had a DVT the skin was warmer to touch in the area then other areas and it was significantly swollen

compared to my other leg I had it in my calf, apart from the swelling and the fact my skin was warmer those are the only symtoms I had

i would go see your gp hun xxx


I would see your GP just to put your mind at rest. Best not to leave these things.

 Hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.

Becky x

Hey, I started experiencing some light swelling first in left thigh now in the right one 4 months after trachelectomy. I also feel pressure in my right calf and think the whole right leg is a bit numb and heavy. Waiting for my MRI to see if there is anything bad there causing these problems.... Feeling anxious as always, it feels like never ending story ... but we have to stay positive and believe :) I was also told by my consultant that swelling in groin thigh is very common, so please try not to worry too much xxx