swollen inguinal lymph node and moderate dysplasia

Hi everyone 

I got a smear test done because Ive been ttc and noticed for month I had a swollen inguinal lymph node, I did have spotting once so decided to get a smear test done.

I recently got a smear test done and was called for a colposcopy. At the colposcopy the doctor told me I had moderate dysplasia and took a biopsy. The doctor told me the swollen lymph was not related to the dysplasia. I had the Lletz treatment done.

after treatment I'm feeling really tired, my whole body is aching.it's been about three days. I still have a swollen lymph node. Now I'm super stressed I have cancer and biopsy might show something else??


Anybody else have swollen lymph gland and have moderate dysplasia.







I have one. MRI showed it was necrotic with no reaction. Doctor told me not to worry. Enlargement can be caused by various reasons like flu, stress and of course some are not to be taken at ease. Mine was explained as chemo reaction but we will observe it. 

I know exactly how you are feeling. Try to calm and ask your doctor for further information. Stressing yourself out is not good for you.

Hi littleemerald,

You are definitely soundind stressed and run-down. Try to get some nice rest and relaxation and then continue your ttc :-)

Be lucky




Thanks for the response. I just have been googling mad and the worst things come up. Think I definitely need to go back to GP and ask for further investigation.


Anybody know when biopsy results come back?