Swollen and Tender after LLETZ - anyone else?

I am on day 5 post a very traumatic LLETZ. And feeling a but swollen and tender round and I guess inside my vagina (sorry if tmi!)

Has anyone else experienced this??

I ended up being rushed back in due to major bleeding and ended up being heavily cautorized and on a drip with an overnight stay. So my poor vagina and cervix has had a lot of trauma lol. I'm on antibiotics and experiencing bleeding again so I'm wondering if maybe just a combined effect of everything?

I dont feel ill, no infection symptoms.

I've googled and cannot see anything that says about a swollen feeling.

Help!? X


Hi Natalie, 


I've been thinking about you.


I was feeling really swollen after my LLETZ and hasn't seen anyone else talk about it before. 


I put mine down to having three different speculum inserted, the last two being too big for my vagina. It did die down eventually, but I also had a look with a mirror and saw, that I had a nappy like rash that I wasn't aware of too. I used bepanthen from boots and it worked really fast. 


During my colposcopy the consultant saw that I needed treatment but the speculum she had used disnt open me wide enough for her to get to all of the abnormal cells she could see.


So she asked for a bigger speculum, which caused me to shout out in pain as she inserted it. It was only then she realised it was, two sizes bigger and too big for my vagina. So the nurse ended up having to go to the store cupboard to try and find one the right size. 


She came back with an armful of them but they still couldn't find the size they needed so they went for the size that was too big and used gel. I felt like I'd given birth afterwards. 


Hope you heal fast lovely xx

It honestly does feel like after I had the boys.

I think I'm just going to put it down to having had quite a traumatic experience.

I guess if it doesn't ease up by monday I can always see the GP!

I've been thinking about using sudacrem as thats my go to for everything!



Sudacrem was my first thought too! But I'd seen others on the forum mention bepanthen so bought that instead. I'm glad I did too as it doesn't smell and isn't as thick as Sudacrem but I think both of them will have similar results.


Please let me know how you get on. I really hope you start healing ASAP xx